A modernist apartment in Barcelona

A modernist apartment in Barcelona

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Located in the old town of Barcelona, in the Gothic Quarter, this 170 m2 flat Enjoy enviable health. Despite its many years of life, its original distribution was perfect, so its current owner, the designer of Iranian origin Kaveh Abadani, resident in Spain, did not have to rethink any remodeling. Abadani also respected the peculiarities of veteran houses: high ceilings with moldings, wooden shutters on the large balconies ...
It was only enough to give him a coat of paint and place a wooden pavement throughout the house, except in the kitchen and bathroom, in which it was decided by ceramic. Being a design professional, he had it easy when decorating it. Own invoice pieces, such as family heritage lampssuch as the dining room table and the comfortable and other contemporary design objects, such as the chairs or the cow carpet, they form the diverse furniture that populates the house.
The large dimensions of the rooms allow full use of its square meters. Thus, in the living room the dining room was integrated, only used when there are visits from friends and family, something that happens with relative frequency. Also, in the kitchen an office was arranged in which to enjoy more informal meals. Between the living room, the kitchen and the master bedroom there are two other rooms specially designed to accommodate guests and a room that the owner enabled as a work area.
The master bedroom, which stands out for its extreme simplicity, was furnished with furniture from family heritage. A door gives access to the bathroom, straight and pure lines. In short, a house of exquisite invoice for its central location and distribution that over time has been revalued.

Advertising - Read on below The living room recreates a conservative environment

Classic airs are breathed in this living room that impresses with its large dimensions and the direct light it receives through its four balconies. The dining room table and the old dressers are family friendly. Chairs Bettina, of oak, of Vinçon. Upholstered armchair, design by Joan Lao. Curtains, from Habitat.

The dining room table in detail

Paths of table, of Sia and golden bottle, design of Abadani.

Vintage furniture

The rehabilitation of parts such as roof moldings, wooden enclosures or shutters is a success. They marry perfectly with vintage furniture and revalue the floor.

Gathering Place

Around a low coffee table, a large sofa in green tones and comfortable armchairs of various materials make up the living room. In this space, meetings are presumed very lively. Sofa, Temporania. Cushions, cowhide rug and floor lamp, from CoriumCasa. Coffee table, from India & Pacific. Velitas, tray, flower arrangements and plaid, by Sia. Leather armchair, by Nani Marquina. Lamparitas, design by Abadani. Pictures, from Cado.

Kitchen with office

With the mere presence of a bay, without a separation door, you access the kitchen in which, thanks to its spaciousness, a dining room with a round table and four chairs was arranged. Table, family inheritance. Tablecloth, from India & Pacific. On the table, bottle and accessories, Abadani design, like the ceiling lamps. Chairs, of Accions.

In the kitchen a wall with double function

The presence of a wall in the cooking zone served as a separating element between the kitchen and the office. In addition, it was used to install the extractor hood. To prevent splashes when cooking and facilitate cleaning, it was coated with granite, as was the work surface. Kitchen furniture, by Alno.

Kitchen storage

The storage area in the kitchen was arranged both in furniture and drawers and on the wall, with modules with sliding and semi-transparent doors. Bosch appliances. Colored bottles on top of the wall modules, design by Abadani. Auxiliary cart with wheels, for sale at home.

Blank bedroom

Antique furniture, which has been given uniformity with a hand of white paint, is basic in this bedroom. Wardrobe inherited and restored by Kaveh Abadani. Round wool rug by Francisco Cumellas.

Pieces with history in the bedroom

Together with the family inheritance, the owner has left his mark on the bedroom accessories. Like all the luminaries in the rest of the house, the golden lamp also has its seal. Small table and bed, family inheritance. On it, bedspread and cushions, by Filocolore. Lamp, design by Abadani.

Pieces that contrast

White chair, by Accions.

A bath of pure lines

The bathroom, made of microcement, has a wooden shelf that serves as a countertop, and on which two sinks of the sink rest. Under them, a bank serves as storage for towels and toiletries. As a whole, they manage to hide the metallic pipes and the heater. Sanitary, of Roca.Toallas, of Filocolore.

Work corner

The large dimensions of the rooms allow full use of its square meters. One of the rooms served to set up a charming work corner.