The attic of the author of the blog 'Daniela's attic' before and after

The attic of the author of the blog 'Daniela's attic' before and after

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Courtesy of Daniela's Attic

"He had just left empty after a family had rented him for 65 years. You can imagine how he was: we found velvet wallpapers and photographs of Joan Manuel Serrat as a young man on the walls of the rooms." Who speaks is Eva, the interior designer at the head of the study Daniela's attic. And the space he refers to is his home, a 200-square-meter penthouse located on a 1954 estate in the Eixample district of Barcelona where he moved with his family a little over a year ago to install his office in the living room and showroom, "to have everything in the same space, with the aim of reconciling my work with the protagonist of my study: my 6 year old daughter Daniela".

The reform was not long in coming. Despite being a rental home, the interior designer was able to intervene to adapt it to her taste and needs. The original elements, such as the moldings, the arches and the doors, were respected to the maximum, and with the decoration he wanted to enhance the open spaces. "Since we came from a small apartment, my obsession was to keep free space and not recharge it with furniture," he explains. The inspiration? "The Nordic style with strokes of industrial and midcentury, within a very minimalist environment. "

Advertising - Keep reading below Operating room Courtesy of Daniela's Attic

Eva, the interior designer of Daniela's Attic shows us her living room, a 50m2 space in which she lives, works and receives clients and friends.

Midcentury and industrial

These are two of the styles that we can find in your living room and as shown by the Eames wedding armchair and a wooden box as a side table.

Very detailed

Every corner has been designed and taken care of to the millimeter.

Looking to the gallery

Several shelves have served as support to expose a series of sheets.

Good base

He also performs compositions directly on the ground.


Nordic-inspired sheets are combined with old black and white photographs.

Keep the essence

The interior designer recovered and respected many of the original elements of the house, such as the arch that separates the living area from the dining room.

Give the bell

The lamps were chosen from different models, but with a similar style and the same color, achieving coherence between spaces and their own essence for each one.

Good connection

View of the two spaces.

A table set

Wooden table surrounded by black and white style chairs fifties.

Good support

A console next to the door serves as a foothold and as an auxiliary to the dining area.

Showcase of awards

Ikea's showcase contains tableware and glassware for the table.


On it a composition of several decorative objects.


View of the corridor that gives access to the lounge.

The lounge before The hall before


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