How to organize a spectacular wedding (and other parties)

How to organize a spectacular wedding (and other parties)

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After organizing their own wedding in 2009 and sharing details on their blog, there were many future brides who wrote to Macarena Gea to ask if she could help them plan theirs. And although initially discarded the idea (she was dedicated to architecture) decided to create a company with her name, specialized in organizing weddings. Now, together with Pilar Roca de Togores, they have become a wedding planner and all kinds of parties that stand out for their creativity.

These are some of the charming ideas that Macarena Gea Bodas and Something More gives us for a wedding. Garlands that form an ethereal tent on the tables in an outdoor link.
Lorena.GA Have you noticed the position for sweet tooth, with black balloons? Ideal, too, the whiskey bottles converted into vintage vases, under these lines, and the link poster A continuous center with fresh flowers.
To be a wedding planner, what is very important? Having sensitivity and empathy to know what each couple needs, creativity to let the imagination fly, pragmatism and work capacity to make ideas a reality. Speed ​​in resolving unforeseen events and, of course, feeling passion for this job.

What would you say to couples who want to get married. Be yourselves, your wedding is just that ... yours. Calculate well the budget you have for the event (you can make super special weddings with moderate games). And on the wedding day, enjoy it.

Tell us the secret that differentiates Macarena Gea from other wedding planners ... We do not impose any specific style on the bride and groom and we are at your service from the moment they hire us until the wedding ends to make sure everything is perfect.