An intimate and vital duplex

An intimate and vital duplex

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This duplex, which could be in a remote place, ideal to escape on vacation, is located in a colony of single-family houses, in a central neighborhood of the capital. Well distributed, with a space that brings together living room-dining room-kitchen and a cozy patio on the ground floor, and with a bedroom with bathroom on the upper floor, it is warm, homely and surprises with its simple charm. Its owner was put in the hands of the Teklassic team, a well-known Madrid decoration firm, for the acquisition of furniture and accessories. She liked the store because whenever she had gone they had been well advised and provided with ideas, which made her think that, without a doubt, she was among professionals.

The owner's objective was to create warm and welcoming environments; goal accomplished, even exceeded, because in addition to being so, they have their own identity, unmistakable. The combination of retro and vintage furniture It has a lot to do, but also the surprise upholsteries, such as the kimlim that customizes the classic bench, used as a coffee table in the living area, or the checkered pillows of the purple sofa. Not forgetting that in the bedroom, the bed is dressed with a patchwork quilt, made in Scotland, with wool tartan scraps, in blue and red. The soil chosen by the owner also contributes to the feeling of warmth on both floors: a laminate that mimics natural wood. He thought it was the best option to give the house a home air and, as it is resistant and easy to maintain, he knew that, in addition, it would work well in the kitchen and in the living area, which suffers frequent entrances and exits to the patio. Once installed, it provides a visual continuity that makes the house seem more spacious. Another success was to choose a kitchen that harmonizes with the furniture in the dining room and living room.

In the upper floor, attic, The distribution of the space is optimal: rest area and bathroom each have a roof window that provides natural light and ventilation. In the first, the two disparate bedside tables and the vibrant chromatic paintings make up a unique, special atmosphere. In the second, the marble and green resin floor has an unusual relevance due to its uniqueness and contrast with the dominant white.

Advertising - Keep reading below A facade with color

In the courtyard of the house, the bluish facade and the plants provide a colorful background to the white dining room, with refined design furniture.

Library and warehouse

The living area, with classic furniture, is all warmth thanks to the upholstery of the sofa, the armchairs, the bench used as a coffee table and the carpet. Sofa, by Marga Lantero. Bench-table, upholstered with a kimlim, from Cofinex. Carpet, from Teklassic.

Environments in harmony

Kitchen, dining room and living room share space and vintage style. The tiling, a white bevel on the cooking front, the dining room, with the aged table and the aluminum chairs, and the legacy capitoné armchairs, are key pieces that print retro air to the whole. Teklassic tripod lamp and braided chair. Photograph of the dining room, by José María Mellado.

Homogeneous space in the kitchen

The kitchen furniture and the dining room table were chosen in a similar tone to achieve a chromatic uniformity that conveys serenity and elegance to the environment. On the floor, a laminate was chosen, practical for its resistance, and warm, for its faithful imitation of wood parquet. Kitchen furniture, by Zelari de Nuzzi. Refrigerator, from Siemens. Bell, from Pando. Laminated, High Tech.

Rustic updated in the kitchen

The white tile, beveled and placed in alternate rows, next to the retro aesthetic sink recreate the style of a country kitchen, which is enhanced by the abundant entry of natural light and the flowering plants in the window. The counterpoint of modernity: the black countertop and the aluminum chairs. Table and utensils, from Teklassic. Navy chairs, a design from the 40s, by Emeco, acquired at Naharro Showroom. Microwave, from Siemens.

Personal atmosphere in the bedroom

The patchwork quilt with Scottish fabrics and the cushions with messages in English put the cosmopolitan accent on the bedroom decoration. Noted for its elegance, the duo formed by the old bedside table and the chocolate lampshade. Bed with headboard, from Ikea. Lamp and quilt patchwork, from Teklassic. Picture by María Gimeno.

Decorating order

A cabinet with baskets provides, in a small space, an extra storage area next to the bed. Painted wood and with a stepped cornice, its charm and uniqueness provide a plus of style and distinction. Shoemaker, from Teklassic. Lamp with die cut screen, by Habitat.

A dormer bedroom

A work, signed by Tomás Vaquero, with marked contrast of vibrant red on a blue background, becomes a focal point when entering the bedroom. Its role is even greater after having painted the beams in white, a wise decision that created a feeling of more spaciousness and luminosity in the room.

Step to the bathroom

The bathroom is accessed through a black door that, with its decoration of recessed moldings, prints a retro air to the environment. In contrast, its moldings, the skirting board and the smooth front of the built-in wardrobe, made to measure; all were lacquered in white to mimic, almost, with the walls and ceiling.

Chic retro bathroom

The walls and floor, for their chromatic contrast, are key in the decoration of this space, which enjoys natural lighting and ventilation through a roof window.

Washbasin area

Washbasin, tap and mirror, by Gunni & Trentino. High tech marble and green resin marble floor.