A holiday home with eclectic decoration

A holiday home with eclectic decoration

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A short walk from the cathedral of Mérida we discover a house available for vacation rental in which a couple formed by a Mexican architect and Julie, a French national who works as a hostess, has mixed the traditional style of the area with the French. "We try to give the house a French touch with some pieces that belonged to my family, "Julia explains." We have combined them with the furniture that my husband designed for the Copper House (We call it that because of the numerous details of copper (curtain rods, outdoor shower, stairs, tables ...). It is a metal that besides being in Mexico is very beautiful and modern, it has always caught our attention, "he says.

The house, divided into two floors, has two bedrooms with bathrooms in suite room, a spacious living room, an open kitchen with dining area and an irresistible outdoor area with pool. In a continent of strong colors and checkerboard floors and hydraulic tiles, more modern style furniture, simple lines, chandeliers, colonial style pieces and a more classic cut have been mixed. The perfect synthesis of your two worlds.

Advertising - Keep reading below Start with a good footing

Very close to the Historic Center of Merida we find the Copper House. In the image the hall.

Good reception

Upon entering we can see the kitchen in the background and the living room, which is on the right.

Game room

In the living room a checkerboard floor, traditional and contemporary, has been installed at the same time.

French touch

Its owner, Julia, has brought some classic cut pieces from France.

Life in color

The strong colors give dynamism to the classic style of furniture.

Smooth rolling

A hammock in the living room reminds us that we are in a house designed for vacations.

For 4 people

The house has two bedrooms (one on the lower floor and one on the upper floor), both with a built-in bathroom.

First bedroom Exit to the pool

This bedroom has a door that leads to the backyard.

Color range

White, black and lavender are the predominant colors.


View of the bathroom integrated into the bedroom on the lower floor.

Front view

First, the entrance to the house, followed by the stairs with the dining area below and the kitchen in the background.

Step by step

The staircase, with a light structure, allows the passage of light.

Dining area

The dining area is located under the stairs.

Second floor

When we go up we find the second bedroom.

Transparence law

An interior window allows the passage of light towards the stairs.

A lot of light

Having windows on both sides of the bedroom, light invades everything.

Aires of Provence

The light lavender tone of the walls takes us to France.

Copper age

In all rooms of the house we can find coppery touches, such as the painting on the bed.

Applied Boys

In the bedroom, a study area with more classic style furniture.

Classic france

Some pieces remind of the more traditional French style.

Mix of times

The headboard area of ​​the bed sums up the spirit of the decoration very well: modern pieces combined with other classic and colonial ones.

Discreet, but with character

Having few colors, the loaded pattern of the floor blends perfectly into the decoration.

Holiday shelter

The house can be rented for short stays.

Integrated bathroom

View of the bathroom entrance in suite room of the second bedroom.

Indiscreet windows

The shower, flanked by two vertical windows. Above it, small openings let the light pass.

White, stone and turquoise

The predominant colors.

Faithful Reflex

A large mirror on the sinks multiplies the light.


From the bathroom you can see the pool and the patio.


The kitchen has been located in a passage area and leads to the backyard.

Patio access Outside life

General view of the back of the house.

Backyard Eat out

View of the outside dining area.

Acapulco, baby

Acapulco chairs are the big stars in exterior decoration.


For elements such as the outdoor shower, the house has been baptized as the Copper House.


The colors remind of the traditional architecture of the area.


In the outside area, wooden slat floor.

Patio not particular

In the courtyard, stone walls.

Take a dip

The pool.

Pure facade

The back facade of the Copper House

Top floor Look out on the balcony

View of the patio from the upper floor.

Outside night

The illuminated pool at night


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