6 Basic tips to overcome a summer 10

6 Basic tips to overcome a summer 10

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Advertising - Keep reading below ... wait until the last minute to catch the plane?

Be careful.

The offers of the airport stores can be very tempting and make you hurry until the last moment to board. Be careful, since you must not forget that the flight departure time is not the same as the closing of the boarding gate.

If it is time to leave and there are free seats, the company begins accepting tickets on the waiting list, losing your place and the right to compensation. Do not take risks and arrive at least 45 minutes in advance.

… Leave the cushions all summer out?

Not good

Outerwear is specially made to withstand the weather, but they are not invincible. Therefore, you must take care of them so that they last longer. Storms are frequent at this time of the year, and the mixture of heat and humidity causes the appearance of mold, accompanied by a bad smell, in the covers, in addition to being an easy claim for insects. To extend their life, pick them up whenever you can, especially when you see it will rain. Brush them regularly to rid them of bugs, pollen ...

... put body milk on the face?

Better to avoid

The quality of the skin is not the same throughout the body. The face is thinner and more delicate than the body, and is also exposed to the weather. Therefore, even if you use it on occasion, put on a moisturizer with specific properties for the face.

... eat ice cream directly from the bowl?

Do not do it

Do not put the ice cream in a bowl, when you only want a few tablespoons, it jeopardizes its quality and your health. Having it too long outside the freezer, while eating it, can break the cold chain, deteriorating the product and causing diseases such as salmonella or gastroenteritis. One of the signs to know if it is in good condition is to observe that it does not have crystallized parts, such as ice chips or frost.

... allow your dog to bathe in the pool?

Nothing happens

For pets to enjoy one of the pleasures of summer, a series of precautions must be taken. The most important thing is that the pool has easy access so that they can enter and exit without difficulty. Ramps and ladders are the most appropriate. Although dogs know how to swim by instinct, there are safety vests that allow them to stay afloat in case they get tired. Do not lose sight of him and do not let him drink water as it contains chemicals. When you leave, rinse it with tap water so that the chlorine does not irritate your skin and check the pH of the water every 4 days.

... scratching a mosquito bite?

Avoid it

The bite is produced by the bite of a female of the species that feeds on the blood of mammals. When we bite, it injects your saliva into the skin and our immune system identifies it as strange. To combat it, the body releases histamine that produces an itchy sensation. For this reason, if you scratch, what you do is spread the saliva to the nearby areas, releasing more antibodies and creating a vicious circle. To avoid this, wash the bite with soap and water and apply ice to the area. You can also use an antihistamine gel that will reduce itching instantly. Do not fall into the temptation to scratch, so you will avoid unwanted marks on your body.