15 kitchens for all tastes decorated with wallpaper

15 kitchens for all tastes decorated with wallpaper

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Pinterest: West Elm

When we think of the kitchen wall we always tend to imagine a row of tiles, or a block of plain color, but in the same way that times change, so does the way of decorating the spaces.

Our proposal today is based on use wallpapers of different styles and prints to fill kitchens with life In a simple way, no need to invest a lot of money. Do you dare to see the ones we found on Pinterest?

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Female

A kitchen in soft tones and pastel colors It is feminine in itself, but if you add a marble effect wallpaper and some flowers As a final touch, the result will be that beautiful.

2 Wild

For do not visually overload the kitchen, you can choose decorate an area with tiles and another with a striking wallpaper.

3 Geometric

Is industrial style kitchen loses seriousness thanks to the wall decorated with geometric print wallpaper.

4 Cheerful garden

Cheerful and beautiful, this is it kitchen in white tones where he floral wallpaper He becomes the main protagonist.

5 Autumnal

If you want decorate your kitchen with fall colors, opt for browns, beige and creams, and choose a painted paper full of twigs.

6 Gray Range

The white colors harmonize with the gray of the flowers in a painted paper You saw the kitchen looking neat and bright.

7 Contrasts

You dare with the strong colors? Well then don't hesitate and decorate your kitchen with this floral artwork made painted paper.

8 Tropical

Hurray Mexico! The fastest (and most radical) way to turn your kitchen and turn it into a space with tropical airs, it is with a painted paper as striking as this. And if you want more contrast, add some yellow chairs in the area of office.

9 Elegant

Combine dark tones with powdered roses It is the ideal choice for get an atmosphere the sea of ​​elegant.

10 Tropical

This friendly parrot is the only inhabitant of a painted paper that will make you love botanical motifs.

11 Romantic

To live romanticism in person you don't have to travel to Paris. You just need one rustic style kitchen in white tones and decorate it with a wallpaper with pink flowers.

12 Exotic

Direct from the jungle in the company of Tarzan, this painted paper Arrive willing to conquer your kitchen of liana in liana.

13 Ornamental

The pointed arch window and the paintings that dress the wall of the kitchen reminiscent of an ancient era, a feeling that is accentuated by the english style wallpaper.

14 Chic

We love them white kitchen cabinets with golden handles, but you have to recognize that the wallpaper in gray and pink tones He takes his palm.

15 A point of grace

Original, simple and beautiful. East wallpaper decorated with pastel blue swirls It is perfect to fill the kitchen with sweetness.