We renovate floors and walls

We renovate floors and walls

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Floors and walls have a huge decorative potential that depends largely on its coatings: The type of material, the color range, the format of the pieces or how they are placed will define the background of the room and, therefore, its style. But aesthetic taste is not the only thing we should consider. Further, the light of the space, its dimensions and the use that will be given must be valued. To answer all these questions, we have asked for advice from two prominent interior designers of the moment: Virginia Sánchez Holgado and Manuel Espejo who, in addition to decorating tricks and solutions, know a lot about fashion and trends. The light colors on the walls extend the space and the dark tones dwarf it. That is the general rule, but if you also want to create personal and character environments, you will have to go another step.

How? Both decorators agree on the idea of ​​covering one of the fronts of the room with a brightly colored wallpaper or daring designs. "The geometric shapes give the optical illusion of depth and will create an incredible effect of cheating on the wall", explains Manuel.

For its part, interior designer Virginia Sánchez Holgado is in favor of cover the floor of the room with a small format porcelain tile that allows to make designs that give interest to the space. Like paper and murals, painting also enables great creativity, and manufacturers have such a variety in their color chart that the complicated thing is usually decided by just one. Although the most common way to paint the walls is still smooth, It is increasingly common to use textured coverings. Firms such as Weber, from the Saint-Gobain Group, offer colored mineral stuccoes based on lime, smooth or marbled, which provide an interesting set of brightness that vary according to light.

In large rooms it is convenient to look for materials that help to achieve an intimate and cozy space, as well as a neutral base that allows you to play with textiles. “Woods with oiled natural finishes are a perfect option. The aesthetics of the old stately floor are in vogue, in spike, point Hungary and Versailles ”, Virginia says. The interior designer proposes to decorate the walls with moldings to give an extra interest to the entire room or to a front. Thus, in the bedroom he designed at Casa Decor 2019, he turned to the decorative 3D panels of Orac Decor to add textures and depth to one of the partitions.

Depending on the style we want to recreate, we will choose some coatings or others. So, for contemporary decorations, Virginia Sánchez Holgado advises us "Clean, smooth walls, which leave all the prominence to the furniture, and on the floor, a large-format or continuous porcelain flooring, microcement type". In classic interiors, discreet papers in soft tones, as well as natural stone floors or noble woods, succeed. "It also takes the walls to make the spaces warmer and achieve perfect acoustics," says Manuel Espejo, who, based on this idea, chose to upholster the living room-kitchen walls he designed in Casa Decor 2019 with blue velvet. .

Soft colors such as beige, pearl gray or pastel shades; light or white wood floors (or materials that mimic its finish), and papers with geometric designs They are the hallmarks of the Scandinavian style.

Virginia Sánchez also gives us the formula for a timeless decoration, which fits perfectly with any decorative proposal: wood (a classic that does not fail) and marble or porcelain tiles that reproduce their appearance with great realism.

XXL pieces and ultra-compact or sintered surfaces that look like marble, granite and quartz are among the most innovative materials for covering floors and walls. They offer very thin thicknesses, are scratch resistant, have almost zero porosity and are manufactured in pieces up to 3 meters. A tip to get the election right?

Let yourself be carried away by your tastes, as Manuel says, or bet on neutral designs and materials that integrate in any style, as Virginia prefers.

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In the living room, in the hall, in the kitchen, in the bedrooms ... The wallpaper is ideal to put a touch of distinction in any room. You can use it to enhance a front, cover two parallels or cover all walls with it. If you decide on this last option, choose a discrete model that does not saturate the space, such as this collection design 40th Anniversary, of Coordonné (€ 85.62 / roll)


You will get the decoration to gain in visual richness if you contrast the color of the coverings with that of the fabrics and upholstery. Always look for a fund that enhances them. Divan, from Bloomingville (€ 1,149).


With a wide range of designs, sizes and colors, they fit into different styles, from classic interiors to rustic or ultra modern environments. If you are looking for a refined and elegant aesthetic, opt for delicate and romantic designs, such as paper Magnolia, from the collection Idylle, Casadeco (€ 52.20 / roll), with subtle golden strokes on a green background, to give a sophisticated point to the decoration.


The color of the accessories will help you both enhance the tones of the wallpaper and play the contrast with them. You choose! Vase, from the firm Bloomingville (€ 26).


Prevents large colorful prints and intense colors to recharge the space with light design furniture. Coffee table, by Hübsch (€ 170).


The attractive psychedelia of the prints in vibrant colors has returned, as well as the geometric designs that are repeated, adorn and give personality to any space. Of course, be careful when combining them with other reasons: get color ranges that are harmonious with each other. Wall cladding Arambol, from the collection Pop, of Élitis, at 1.35 m wide (€ 127.41 / m at Le Mûrier).


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