S.O.S .: How to stretch a wool sweater that has shrunk in the washing machine

S.O.S .: How to stretch a wool sweater that has shrunk in the washing machine

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Who has never happened? Put your favorite wool sweater in the washing machine and when you take it out, it has been replaced by one in a mini version. Stretch it as you stretch it, the jersey seems not to return to its original form.

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However, we have the solution to return it. Take note.

What do you need? The miraculous white vinegar (a little glass), a generous amount of hair mask (to soften the wool) and a bowl of warm water.


1. Mix the vinegar, mask and water. You can mix a glass of the first, two generous tablespoons of the mask and the water of half a small bowl, for example. Stir until this mixture is homogeneous, avoid lumps.

2. Dip your sweater About 30 minutes With this mixture you will soften and soften the wool fibers of the garment.

3. Stretch little by little manually and delicately the garment. Do it in such a way that it is uniform, taking into account how much you stretch it by the sleeves or at the ends. Again soak for another half hour.


4. Rinse the jersey with cold water. Remove all traces of vinegar and mask. Rinse until the foam stops coming out of the mixture.

5. Drain by hand carefully and lay it in the shower. It will drip all the excess water. If you can do it horizontally, the better.

6. Facilitate the last phase of drying in an outdoor area. This will eliminate the remains of vinegar odor.

If you still think you need to stretch it a little more, you can help with the iron. You will see how it will have recovered its size with these simple steps!