Housing and study on the outskirts

Housing and study on the outskirts

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The architecture of traditional homes did not fit the ideas of the couple of architects, formed by Ángela Díaz and Jaime Sánchez, for whom the visual communication of all spaces in a house is a basic guideline. In addition, they were looking for a home where they could also locate their architecture studio.

The most practical, economical and appealing solution was to build a house tailored in the countryside, just outside Madrid. In this way, they achieved several objectives at the same time: living in the countryside, working at home and designing it to your liking and according to your needs. The result, which was also influenced by the magnificent surroundings, is spectacular: it is a cubic and avant-garde structure, with straight lines, which surprises precisely because of its simplicity. A newly built, spacious and bright house that, although apparently it may seem high cost, does not exceed the budget of a conventional chalet. This is partly due to the choice of materials, of good quality but without being luxurious. The location of the appropriate land was paramount; In the end they decided on a plot surrounded by countryside and located in the north of Madrid.

Both lovers of both design and nature, knew how to integrate them into the same space by projecting a solid home, but equipped with huge windows that allowed them to go beyond the walls. Too they achieved privacy for their garden and their great pool surrounding the building of a half-height wall which, given the elevated location of the house, separates them from prying eyes but not from the landscape. The interior was distributed in two heights and a basement -where the study was located-, communicated by a wide central staircase flanked by the only wall of the house, which serves as the basis for the bedroom closet and a small bookcase. This item it was painted in dark gray To make it stand out even more.

The rest of the dividing elements are scarce and crystal, with the aim of creating a fluid communication between all rooms; an idea that was reinforced without the passing doors. As for the colors, the white on ceilings and walls, as a resource to enhance the light, except in the axis of the staircase that was painted in gray lead just like the facade. On the ground floor a very resistant ceramic stoneware was installed, since this space is in direct contact with the outside. On the first floor, where the bedroom and the bathroom are, as the traffic is less, a compact gray stoneware plate was placed. The decoration is based on neutral tones, but it has the warm touch of vegetable fiber.

Advertising - Keep reading under Outside of the house

The building has a cube shape with windows on the facade; the rear area communicates being with the pool. To paint it, a gray lead was chosen that stands out over the green color of the surrounding countryside.

Garden with pool

Outside a pool was built flush with the wall. It highlights the original coating chosen for the floor of this area, since it is traditional bricks placed on edge. The teak deck chair is from Ikea.

Hall with loft

View of the living room, where you can see the glazed loft where the bedroom was located. The living area was decorated with the essential furniture. Around a recovered table, an Ikea leather sofa and the Wassily armchair, designed by Marcel Breuer, were placed. On the wall, an original composition by Luz Ángela Lizaraso stands out, consisting of several paintings that tell a story. Vases and cushions, from Habitat.

Take the ladder

Due to the shortage of partitions in the house, the staircase wall was used to locate a built-in wardrobe and a bookcase.

Order in the lounge

In the only partition of the house, painted in dark gray, there were some openings that serve as shelving. Instead of shelves were placed teak benches that were acquired in Ikea.

Kitchen with island

The kitchen work area was designed by the owners, who decided to locate a central island to visually separate the dining room. The cabinets were made of natural beech wood.

The office

The kitchen was designed to include a dining room with a capacity for six people. The wooden table is from Ikea and the chairs are a classic Jacobsen design. The large windows of this area dressed with blinds of slats to dim the light.

Distributor and ladder

One of the walls of the first floor was replaced by a glass partition. Thus the spaces communicate visually but the bedroom is isolated from the noise of the ground floor.

Built-in wardrobe

In the bedroom a built-in wardrobe was installed from floor to ceiling and with very simple lines. The warm note is in charge of the vegetable fiber carpet and the bedding, padded and in tan tones, of Texture. Habitat lamp. Picture of the painter Fredi Marques.

Gray and white bathroom

The bathroom was completely decorated in white and dark gray. A very striking and attractive contrast that was achieved with compact stoneware and white sanitaryware. The countertop and the washbasin cabinet were also chosen white. The towels, to tone, are of the signature Texture.


Interior colors. If you want to give yourself the luxury of choosing light furniture, combine them with coatings in suffered colors. We propose this mixture: cream 586; 510 leather and 510 bluish gray; from Titan.


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