If you tell me loft, I say ... let's join the walls!

If you tell me loft, I say ... let's join the walls!

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Vicugo Photo

Who said privacy is outdated? And it is that after several seasons seeing how open spaces are crowned as the kings of the deco court, we missed some project to claim otherwise, that is, advocating the creation of a more intimate area separated from common areas for leisure. And as if by magic, our wish has been fulfilled!

Is about a couple that after investing in transforming their apartment type loft to the trend of open concept, they realized they were missing a little privacyAnd for that, nothing better than reconciling the walls!

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The living room, the kitchen, the dining room and the office follow living in a unique open space overlooking the trees.

Harmonic Division Vicugo Photo

The tiled floor that unifies the kitchen and dining room, separates both areas from the rest of the room visually.

Details with art Vicugo Photo

Pictures, candles, lanterns... and many plants! A mix perfect decoration to give life and freshness to the house.

Natural entrance Vicugo Photo

If the plants they already had prominence in the hall, in the hall They are the real goddesses.

Black and white Vicugo Photo

The black and white kitchen design With subway type tiles on the walls, it brings a luminosity that is completed with the windows in the background.

Total connection Vicugo Photo

A glass over the sink Act like room divider Between the kitchen and the hall.

An island to dream about Vicugo Photo

The central island is a fundamental piece in this kitchen So flirtatious

Lookout Vicugo Photo

From her you can see every corner of the dining room and living room.

Intimate area Vicugo Photo

The wooden panel as a headboard of the bed It provides an ideal privacy, visually separating it from the bathroom that lies behind him.

Bucolic awakening Vicugo Photo

And if that was not enough, the bed is located in front of a balcony That stands on the trees.

From zone to zone Vicugo Photo

And shot because it's my turn! From the bathroom to the kitchen there is only one step, and the transition could not be more elegant.

In cubicles Vicugo Photo

The shower, sink and toilet are divided into cubicles dominated by a microcement background very elegant.

High expectations Vicugo Photo

The floating sink has a wide storage area at the bottom, while a couple of lights are responsible for lighting the floor.

Glory bath Vicugo Photo

Had you ever seen one shower more natural? We love the combination of wood with white subway tiles and the detail of the hanging plant. A marvel!

Lights on Vicugo Photo

Once again, the light owns the space in a tiny bathroom and more cute than the awakening of a cat.