20 things you should never throw away

20 things you should never throw away

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Advertising - Read on below 1 Bottles of wine

Once empty, you can use them as lasts for your high boots. Simply introduce them to prevent them from deforming and wrinkles.
Via This Old House

2 bottles of liquors

Can you imagine the bourbon bottle turned into an original soap dispenser?
Look here how to do it.

3 Cooking oil

Take the last drops of the bottle to moisten a cotton swab and apply it on that squeaky door.
Photo: Getty

4 paper bags

They will be very useful on a rainy day. Put them in pieces and make a ball with them. If you put it in wet shoes or gloves, it will help you dry and, unlike newspaper, will not stain them with ink.
Photo: Getty

5 plastic bottles

They can be used to water the plants, remove snow from the car or as a container for pet food if you cut them in half.
Photo: Getty

6 T-shirts

You can turn them into great dishcloths, as they clean well and are reusable. You just need to cut them to your needs ... and you'll be saving a lot of money!
Photo: Getty

7 toothbrushes

They are perfect for cleaning tile joints or removing dirt from poorly accessible areas.
Photo: Getty

8 egg cups

Whether cardboard or plastic, they will be of great help to store your jewelry. You just need a little paint and imagination to decorate them.

9 Remains of soap

Instead of throwing them, fuse them all together and you'll get a new bar of soap. Look how to do it.
Photo: Getty

10 tea cans

They are so beautiful that you surely won't mind recycling them, right? Our favorite idea: turn them into candle holders. Extra point if you coordinate the aroma of the candle with the taste of tea.
Watch the tutorial to do it.
Photo: Keith Scott Morton

11 Aluminum foil

It has a lot of uses: from scourer (if you make a ball with it, it will be very useful to clean the pots) to knife sharpeners. You can also use it to polish silver objects. Dip them in a pan with boiling water and foil and in two minutes they will be clean and without damage. It is a matter of chemical reaction.
Photo: Getty

12 dryer lint

Having to clean them is a nuisance, but did you know that they are super useful, as well as ecological, to fan the fire in the fireplace? Store them in a plastic bag and take them with you if you go camping or have a barbecue.
Photo: Getty

13 Newspapers

Good news: they are a great fertilizer for plants, as they enhance their growth and prevent weeds. Therefore, instead of spending money on buying mulch, keep the newspapers in the storage room.
Photo: Getty

14 Clips for bags

You don't know which cable belongs to which device in the middle of the tangle behind the TV or the computer? Attach to each one a clip of those used to close the bags and put the name with an indelible marker. If the cables are thin, you can hold them all together with the label so they are tidier.
Photo: Getty

15 Broken pottery

Put several pieces in the bottom of a pot and it will help you increase the drainage capacity of the plants.
Photo: Getty

16 old knobs

You can make a coat rack with them. Paint them with spray and, once dry, anchor them to a wooden board. Ready!
Photo: Getty

17 Paper rolls

Both toilet paper and kitchen paper can serve as accessories organizers or office supplies in drawers. Cut them to the height of the drawer and paste them to join them. Then fill each compartment with necklaces, hairpins ...
Photo: Getty

18 wine stoppers

They offer many possibilities to DIY lovers. They are malleable, easy to work and, to be honest, it doesn't cost much to find them. Check out our favorite ideas here.
Photo: Getty

19 glass jars

Transforms the potitos containers into original salt and pepper shakers. You can decorate them as seen in the image. Being glass, seasonings will be very well preserved.

20 Bones of cooked meat

Reuse the bones of another stew to make your own chicken or beef broth. Cook them with some vegetables and, if you want, you can freeze it to use when it comes best.
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