A house on the rocks

A house on the rocks

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Touring the Costa Brava, along the charming Camí de Ronda, we arrive at a protected space with a few traditional houses built on the rocks. One of them, a construction between medians of 200 square meters spread over four floors which conform to the stepped terrain, has been restored and modernized by the Nook Architects studio. "The owner family was looking for a simple and comfortable house that would allow independent uses in the secondary rooms and, at the same time, common and related uses in the main open space to the largest terrace of the house," explained the architects, who added : "A readjustment of the functional program was also necessary, turning part of the shady terrace on the second floor into a new room and adding bathrooms on the second and third floors."

Outside, everything remained the same, restoring, with respect for aesthetics and local colors, facades, roofs and terraces. The interior volume also did not change, but the distribution was modified, expanding gaps and opening skylights to allow more light to enter and installing carpentry that can be opened completely so that there is no obstacle when contemplating the sea. The hydraulic pavements, carpentry and wooden beams that were already in the house were maintained and combined with new materials, such as wood, concrete, steel and ceramics, which, although contemporary, share the same sobriety than the original construction. They finish making this residence functional and comfortable furniture designed to measure specifically for the spaces.

"The result of the rehabilitation is a house that functionally responds to contemporary schemes, but which shows its traditional and Mediterranean origin, where natural and visual lighting on the excellent location are the main protagonists that make it a privileged house," conclude from the study, satisfied with the work. We could not agree more.
Photos: Marcela Grassi

Advertising - Read on below Sea views

In a privileged location on the Costa Brava we discover this family house renovated by Nook Architects.

Open doors

The exterior carpentry can be completely folded, opening the interior to the landscape.

Good shadow blanket you

Outside, the shutters and pergola prevent excessive solar radiation, allowing optimal comfort in summer.

Functionality and comfort

The owner family wanted to preserve the charm of the house, but make it more comfortable, with open common spaces.

Keep the past

The original hydraulic pavements were respected.

Game of planes

The architects opened gaps between rooms to give breadth, connect levels and get more natural light.

New Materials

The materials that were introduced have the same sobriety as the existing ones.

Loft Custom

Many of the furniture was custom designed to take advantage of light and space.

Hall Key element

The staircase, treated as a connecting thread between all the floors, links the loft with the common areas, the rooms and the direct access to the beach.

From above

The wooden beams are also the original ones of the house.

Top floor Main bedroom

With open bathroom and dressing room.

Transparence law

The glass delimits the bathroom area but lets in the light.

Second bedroom

The headboard delimits the dressing area.

Mediterranean white Sea view

Another of the bedrooms of the house.

Terrace in the bedroom Pure facade

The facade of the house was restored respecting the existing and using local colors and style.

direct access to the beach Flat

In this plan we can see the four levels of the house, which adapt to the sloping rocky terrain.

Flat Flat Flat


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