Everything you need for your new home: Bedroom

Everything you need for your new home: Bedroom

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First the bed, and then the rest.
It is the starting point in the bedroom, the bed must be wide and the bedside tables and the dresser will adapt to the space that remains. If necessary, they can be tailored. In classic bedrooms, everything will have an aesthetic coherence and proportion, but in modern ones, it can be innovated. For example, headboards extend from wall to wall to house bedside tables and lighting. Another option is to bet on asymmetry regarding the choice of bedside tables. In both cases, basic lighting, especially next to the bed and in the closet, with switches and sockets near these areas.

Secure Investment
The best acquisitions are a good mattress, base and pillow. Find out and try them before because your rest is the priority. The comforter, which is breathable, soft and light; It adapts to body temperature. It is not necessary to buy the bed from the beginning. You can first buy the bed base and, when you have a budget, the headboard. You will find bedside tables at reasonable prices, but keep in mind that the dresser will be more expensive. The more drawers, the more price.

Says the expert
- Many sheets, covers and bedspreads are impressive but are easy ironing? Is the tissue delicate? Do not get carried away only by what you see; Think about everyday life.
- The headboard matters more than you think. If you choose a very marked design, you can get tired of it. If it is upholstered, there is always the option to renew it when changing the fabric.
- Do not neglect the details; Take care, because you are in YOUR room, not in a waiting room. Create a dresser corner on the dresser with candles, flowers, a stereo ... What makes you feel good.

Advertising - Keep reading below Classic renovated.

Recreate the classic romantic style with a white bed that has bars on the headboard. You will hit with sheets or a duvet cover with details like lace or frills. Hemnes bed, from Ikea; It measures 1.70 x 2.07 m, for a mattress of 1.60 x 2 m (€ 219).


In a raw color and decorated with colored stitches, PS Sticka blanket, from Ikea, wool and polyester blend; It measures 1.50 x 2.50 m (€ 49.95).
Green blanket Encourage bedding with some color. Green evokes nature. Blanket, chenille, on the way home; It measures 1.30 x 1.80 m (€ 34).


This cushion with embroidered flowers is perfect to put a delicate touch in the bedroom. Laura Ashley cushion, linen and cotton blend, in 30 x 60 cm (€ 61 with padding).
Multicolor cushions. They give a lot of play to unify the furniture and textiles of the bedroom. Cushions Ambra, of Habitat, of polyester, in 30 x 50 cm (€ 40 each).


Reserve a hole in the bedside table or in the dresser for an old vase or get one like this, with painted flowers. Minijarrón, from Foimpex (€ 3.90 approx.).
Boston glass vase, on the way home (€ 19).

Side table.

With the rounded envelope and three drawers, it is perfect for a classic bedroom. Bedside table Soho, of Canvas of the Gazules; It measures 52 x 40 x 65 cm (€ 269).

Wrought iron lamp

Lamp, of Canvas of the Gazules with the foot of wrought iron and patinated in white (€ 36) and silk shade (€ 30).


The finishing touch for a classic bedroom is an armchair with capitoné upholstery. Barcín model, from KA International (€ 710 plus fabric).


A chic design, made of plastic, Yiyi model, from Fisura; in red or transparent; It is 43 cm high (€ 120).

Flirty armchair

This classic Philippe Starck is enhanced with a spectacular upholstery. Armchair Mademoiselle, by Kartell (from € 482). Seat and backrest in polyurethane and polycarbonate legs.


Black furniture has a lot of strength and character. You dare? Chest of drawers with six drawers, on the way home (€ 195). It measures 0.60 x 0.42 x 1.18 m.


Black? Yes, black carpets are surprisingly elegant in the bedroom, and also provide warmth. Model Siam, on the way home; at 1.70 x 2.40 m (€ 188).


Get rid of the traditional and innovate. Domus's proposal: white bed and bedside tables, with a black glass headboard. Bed (€ 393); headboard (€ 453.50) and bedside tables (€ 205 each).