How to have your house sparkling with very cheap solutions

How to have your house sparkling with very cheap solutions

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Advertising - Read on below 1 Spotless cabinets

- Season change. Take advantage of the new station to clean and order it. Start from top to bottom. Vacuum, paying special attention to the edges and corners, you will remove dust and possible eggs from insects and larvae. Pass a cloth moistened with soap and water inside and out and dry with a clean cloth. If there are bad odors, replace the soap with lemon.
- Goodbye to moths. Finish with this insect by creating your own anti-moth bags with lavender or orange and lemon peels. It is also very useful to place cloves or cedar wood especially in the pockets of woolen garments and coats.

2 brushes very clean

In the combs and brushes dirt accumulates that can end up damaging the hair. To avoid it, remove the hairs after each use and often.
- Enter the comb in a bowl with hot water and shampoo, stir and leave for 15 or 20 min. The dirt will soften and come out more easily.
- For one cleaning in deepYou can use a tablespoon of baking soda instead of shampoo and leave on for an hour.

3 Disinfect your toothbrush

With daily use, residues accumulate that by not removing them favor the appearance of bacteria.
- Wash your brush, After use, with hot water and immerse it in a glass with white vinegar for two hours. Rinse it in cold water. Out bacteria and tartar!
- You can also clean it putting it in a glass with 3% hydrogen peroxide until its next use.

4 How to eliminate odors from the thermos

- Disinfects, cleanses and eliminates the bad smell of the thermos adding some hot water and grains of rice. Shake well several times and go!
- Another option: Add a quarter of white vinegar and a cup of water to the bowl. Shake well, let stand about ten minutes and glove with cold water. In addition to the smell, you will remove the remains stuck to the walls.

5 TV screens without fingerprints

- With the TV turned off, moisten a microfiber cloth with distilled and clean water with smooth and horizontal movements.
- For more complicated stains, create your spray by mixing white vinegar and distilled water in equal parts. Never pour the liquid directly on the device or use glass cleaners or multi-surfaces, as this could alter the image quality.

6 What a pleasure with the blanket!

- To make it perfect, air it occasionally and leave it extended to the sun for a few minutes to remove the mites.
- Wash the big ones in a bathtub and the small ones in washing machine with soaps for delicate garments.
- Removes coffee or wine stains, with a solution of white vinegar and 50% warm water.