Floating bonsai

Floating bonsai

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A team of designers in Japan have created these floating bonsai that rotate using a combination of magnets. The team got the funds through Kickstarter on a weekend, and if everything goes as planned, you can see one of these on your boss's desk before August.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful show?

The art of levitation is not cheap, you will have to pay around $ 200 to get the basic kit of a Air Bonsai The luxury -10,000 dollars- includes a kit of Air Bonsai and a trip to Japan, with a visit to the Bonsai Garden and workshop. And since it is illegal to export plants from Japan, the United States will market trees of local origin.

As The Verge points out, surely there is a weight limitation in the plant itself, so you have to be very careful with the irrigation. It is worth the price for having a magic plant ...

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