4 reasons that prove that living by the sea is the best for your mental health

4 reasons that prove that living by the sea is the best for your mental health

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Living in the countryside is a great remedy against anxiety and stress, but ... did you know that doing it by the sea can be everything?

Here are 4 reasons that will convince you ...

1. The sea breeze helps you sleep better

"The sea breeze helps you sleep better because it is cleaner and fresher air, with higher oxygen levels," Dr. Natasha Bijlani told Metro.

"The sound of the waves can be very calming, and if you relax, your mind will be more lucid, you will reduce stress and strengthen your immune system."

2. The sea relieves stress

The sea is usually associated with vacations and happiness, but also to feel relaxed and at peace.

Therefore, losing your sight in the depths of the ocean can help you put order in your life. Also, the little worries will disappear as soon as you concentrate on watching the waves!

Photo: Getty + Ascent / PKS Media Inc.

3. You will exercise more

Living near the sea is like having your own pool (only infinite), where you can do all the sport you want, and free!

For example, swimming, apart from making you feel great, is ideal for your physical health, helping you control your weight, reducing the risk of heart attacks and blood pressure.

But swimming is not the only sport you can do, you can also surf, surf, walk along the shore, dive, and much more!

4. Living by the sea is more relaxing than doing it in green areas

There is no doubt that living by the sea is much more relaxing than doing it in the city. But according to a study carried out in 2016, it surpasses even the tranquility of the green areas. Why? Very simple, because the sea is pure nature and generates a feeling of space, freedom ... and is full of fresh air!

In fact, they used to send sick people on vacation to the sea to improve their health. So you know, if you can't afford to live on the beach, you can always spend your free days on it!

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