A desk designed to take out registration

A desk designed to take out registration

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Keep your name, because it will give a lot to talk about: Movian Idro Modern. Is about one of the desk tables of the new furniture collection from Amazon, and if we speak so well of her it is because she deserves it.

As you can see, its finished design in laminated oak is 100% elegant, but also, thanks to its 4 drawers, and the ample space to place the chair, it is also practical and functional.

Amazon Amazon

With a rugged 16 mm chipboard structure, the assembly is as simple as it only requires two people.

But perhaps the most striking is its price, and is that It only costs 79.99 euros. You're already thinking where to put it, huh? 😏

Measures: 56 x 110 x 73 cm

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