Renew your kitchen in a pispás with vinyl

Renew your kitchen in a pispás with vinyl

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Dare to modernize the decoration of your kitchen in the easiest way. You just have to glue a beautiful self-adhesive sheet on the fridge to give it a super modern look, or add grace to the boring breakfast table adorning the countertop with a vegetable print, for example ...

Tropical vinyl

PLAGE Tropical Leaves Adhesive Vinyl for the Kitchen, Green, 60x3x180 cm PLAGE 29,19 € Buy

Like a vintage Coca Cola vending machine

Fridge Sticker Fridge Stickers Coke Vintage Frigo Sticker (185x60) seven hundred 21,90 € Buy

Fridge sticker: Elephant mandala

Oedim Elephant Vinyl Fridge Mandala 185 x 60 cm Resistant and Easy to Apply Adhesive Sticker Decorative Design Elegant Oedim 12,00 € Buy

You can also choose the blackboard effect which will also serve as a reminder board or for the shopping list:


Ideal, right?

TTMOW Vinyl Blackboard Foil Flexible Removable Adhesive for Writing and Erasing (includes 5 chalks), 45 x 200 cm, Black Color Compatible with TTMOW 9,99 € Buy Magnetic Calendar for Refrigerator - Menu Planner, Reminder, Shopping List - Magnetic Board 30x40cm-Ezigoo Ezigoo 8,99 € Buy Related Content Slate paint refrigerators Related content A fully renovated kitchen for less than € 600


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