Order your garage in just 10 steps

Order your garage in just 10 steps

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Spain Advertising - Read on below Get a female garage

"Why feel like a caveman?" Says Annie Selke. "You can have a female garage." To achieve this, Annie added colored stripes and a storage system that includes cabinets, workbenches with wheels and buckets.

Install rails

The walls are spaces that you should take advantage of, and installing rails will help you keep order at bay and keep everything in sight.

€ 25 (approx.) For 2 on Amazon

Hang the bicycles on a stand

With a steel bracket like this that comes in sizes large enough to fit a family, you will have your bicycles perfectly protected, and also installed in minutes!

60 € (approx.) on Amazon

Condition the hall for your pets

Jeannette Whitson added a stone sink to her Nashville home to wash her two spaniels, which come and go whenever they want thanks to a small door installed at the bottom of the cabinets.

Create a paint shelf

This steel board is what you need to store all your paint brushes and rollers.

€ 40 (approx.) At Wayfair

Add color

The tone ash tree Benjamin Moore will make the garage entrance look like the house receiver, says Mona Ross Berman. Combine it with the cushions!

Use hooks

Matthew Quinn transformed a corner of his garage into the perfect hall thanks to this closet. The hooks are ideal for hanging clothes without wasting time looking for hangers.

€ 1,115 (approx.) In Ballard Designs

Install a tool holder

If you do not want to bore the ground, this is the ideal support to have brooms, rakes and other tools tidy.

€ 40 (approx.) On Amazon

Design a place to store children's things

In the garage of Kari Cusack in his home in San Francisco, storage bins are designed to store children's sports accessories, and hooks for hanging clothes and accessories. All this on a padded bench in Lulu DK fabric that combines with the marble floor.

Use the corners

You probably already have shelves in your garage, but if you take advantage of the corners you will gain more space. And don't forget to place a basket to store the balls!

€ 75 (approx.) At Wayfair

Via: House Beautiful US


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