The "Game of Thrones" hotel opens its doors in Finland

The "Game of Thrones" hotel opens its doors in Finland

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a night in Winterfell? Or better yet, on The Wall with the Night's Watch? Thanks to Snowvillage from Lapland Hotels in Finland, your dreams can come true.
The hotel, completely built with ice and snow, was built in just one month.

An ice hotel is built every year, but by 2018, the company has collaborated with HBO Nordic to give the Game of Thrones a makeover.

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Have you seen all the seasons? While waiting for next one, visit us to keep up the freezing feeling! #snowvillage_got #snowvillagefinland #snowvillage #hbonordic #lapland #laplandhotels #finland #gameofthrones # ylläs #levi #snow #ice #art #frozen #snowhotel #icebar #water #hotel

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Starting at approximately € 165 a night, there are a total of 24 rooms available, including the 10 suites adorned with their own ice sculpture on the walls. Fans can sleep in the Hall of Faces of Braavosi, the iron throne made of ice or with the white walkers.

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During the stay, you can eat at the ice restaurant, have a drink (in an ice glass, of course) at the ice bar, ride reindeer and participate in ice sculpture workshops.

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Ice bar is open everyday from 11 am to 10 pm. Welcome to refresh yourself! #hbonordic #snowhotel #snowvillage #snowvillagefinland #snowvillage_got #summeriscoming #lapland #finland #levi #yllas # ylläs #shot #ice #glass #art #ice #gameofthrones #got

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You just have to get warm! The temperature inside the ice hotel is -5º C. It is recommended to only stay one night and spend the rest of the stay in a nearby, warmer cabin of Lapland Hotels.

Hurry up and send a raven to reserve a room, because the Game of Thrones hotel will only be open until April 8.

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