An 1850 house in Tel Aviv converted into a Mediterranean oasis

An 1850 house in Tel Aviv converted into a Mediterranean oasis

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Jonathan Canetti

Located south of Tel Aviv, in the middle of alleys full of garages and craft shops, Villa Salame suffered abandonment for many years, until it was acquired by a Danish couple. Its construction, around 1850, included a interior courtyard in arabic style, and the house was the home of a farmer and his family.

Exterior of the house already rebuilt. Jonathan Canetti

While planning the renovation, the architects decided to give it a modern oasis look with Mediterranean tints, which will be the perfect refuge to escape the city.

They gave great importance to maintaining the true nature of the house with its original stone, while incorporating new and modern elements to adapt it to the needs of its owners. Jonathan Canetti Jonathan Canetti

The most important element is the Limestone wall that runs through the whole house, from the guest room, through the patio, and to the master bedroom.

Over the years, the wall had been covered with plaster that was removed during the renovation, exposing the original stone, openings and arches. Jonathan Canetti The intersection walls are composed of glass and steel frames, allowing you to see the original stone wall in its entirety, while conceiving an interesting contrast of materials. Jonathan Canetti

The interior walls with arched openings they dictated the distribution of housing in three areas: a living room, a kitchen-dining area and a third space divided into a work area and a private bathroom.

Jonathan Canetti Jonathan Canetti The floors of the three zones were covered with concrete tiles. Jonathan Canetti The guest bathroom was completely rebuilt with a modern concrete ceiling and oriental-style tiles. Jonathan Canetti Jonathan Canetti

However, the real heart of the house is the inner courtyard (first photo): a space of calm and relaxation starring the vegetation, a flirtatious table with outdoor chairs and a water fountain.

Jonathan Canetti

Next, we show you the plan of the reform given by the architects.


Project and information: Courtesy of BoND