7 beautiful plants that can damage your home

7 beautiful plants that can damage your home

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Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Creeper

Also known as Morning Glory, this plant with pretty flowers is actually a weed. Its hard roots make it almost impossible to remove from the garden and most of the time it requires different methods before you can get rid of it (pouring hot water on it can be effective).

2 yellow hibiscus

Although these bright flowers are beautiful and look pretty, it is actually a tropical species (they are the flower of the state of Hawaii). For these reasons, these plants will leave your garden dry since they require more water and maintenance than most other plants.

3 ivy

Rest assured that it is usually romantic when climbing through the abandoned walls but what you cannot see is the wear and tear on the already damaged structures. Ivy can damage any type of cladding, including wood, stucco or cement, without your painting having any chance.

4 Pachysandra

Although this ivy carpet is a perfect alternative to green grass, this plant is also very attractive to insects called Euonymus Scales. These pests suck any life of ivy normally ending it and leaving empty spaces of vegetation and life in your garden.

5 don't forget me

These beautiful flowers tend to invade other plants, which could be precise when they are in full bloom. Your problem? That these blue or purple flowers are fleeting and will soon leave your garden colorless.

6 Trumpet Vine

Be careful: this flower of an alternative orange color is super aggressive. It can damage wood paneling and sprout a long distance from where you originally planted it.

7 Rose of Sarón

This shrub is the clear definition of an invasive plant: the flower is transformed into fruits with seed pods that propagate in abundance with the wind. It has a very low maintenance and can survive harsh conditions (even poor soil and little water) so they tend to sprout very quickly.