A la carte bathrooms: 4 Examples for you to choose your style well

A la carte bathrooms: 4 Examples for you to choose your style well

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Here are four styles for very different bathrooms: large, small, attic ... and with a decoration tailored to each: contemporary, traditional or casual.

1 A bathroom in a few meters

Cheerful and bright, this bathroom, by Car Möbel, is super complete, it does not lack detail.

Open closet very practical. A simple piece of furniture without doors and with a shelf for hygiene supplies houses the small round basin. Simple but effective

Mirror and towel holder. The first has a built-in shelf that is very practical. As for the ladder towel rack, it does not occupy and is perfect for having towels at hand.

TOThe colorful shade. You will not step on the ground when walking barefoot. Nothing better than a hall carpet. The vinyls are ideal for wet areas, they can be wet and washed.

Baskets Of grid or straw, they are decorative and a great solution to keep small objects in order and keep in sight.

Copy the style of bathroom # 1:

ladyjuana Ladyboy

Tempered glass vase, style vintageIzolia 44,99 €, from La Redoute Interieurs.

basket Basket

Gold metal storage basket, 29,90 € from Rice.

Scale Scale

LCD scale, 18,99 €, from Rowenta, in Conforama.

2 A bathroom with visual amplitude

Laura Ashley proposes this bathroom with look typically english

Traditional furniture Classic cabinets with molded doors and marble countertops are very decorative in large bathrooms. If space allows, exempt bathtubs are a luxury.

Wooden socle. The tall friezes covering walls give elegance and personality to a "humble" space like the bathroom. They can be made of wood, or PVC, that withstand humidity well.

Printed blinds. The motifs of flowers in blinds and curtains "lift" the decoration of any space, as you can see in the photo.

In altillos. If your ceilings are high, take advantage of them with shelves at the top that serve as storage space.

Copy the style of bathroom # 2:


Side table, with drawer and hollow to keep everything tidy, 179 €,

Baskets Baskets

Set of natural fiber baskets with handles. In three sizes, from 4,99 € / cu, Very Very.

Jeweler Jeweler

Jewelry box with mirror, 25,99 €, from La Redoute Interieurs.

3 Attic bathroom

Beautiful and natural, this Leroy Merlin bathroom has been decorated in two relaxing tones.

Ground level cabin. Although attached to the sink, the shower is an independent element. It has been installed in a cabin with doors at the same level as the rest of the floor, for easy access.

Walls and floors in false wood and white. The coating combines two types of ceramics. In the sink imitates the wood, and in the shower, the white gresite format breaks the uniformity. How nice!

Shelves instead of cupboards. The upper one integrates the sink itself. It is a modern solution, which adds lightness and a contemporary air to any bathroom.

Good size. The cabin occupies the entire width of the wall. It is very comfortable to shower alone or clean the children.

Copy the style of bathroom # 3:

Soap dish Soap dish

Soap dish, brush holder and soap dispenser, Woody, 10,70 €, from Donurmy.

Toilet brush holder

Toilet roll holder, Fantasy, 33,90 €, from Lola Home.

shower shower

Shower system with mixer mixer C.1 series, 1345,52 €, from Duravit.

4 A super equipped bathroom

Good pairing: ceramic coating and wallpaper… of film!

Painted paper. Why not in the bathroom? There are waterproof designs and this beautiful. An extraordinary environment can be created with this resource at your fingertips and such a result. You dare?

Great bathtub Topped by a light stone plinth to match the pavement and wallpaper in the rest.

Extra large drawers. A cabinet under the countertop of the washbasin of the width of the wall, with several drawers, is a great storage resource.

"Luxury" accessories. A lamp or a wall lamp destined for a bedroom or a living room can be wonderful in the bathroom. Revalue it and add a look sophisticated. That easy.

Copy the style of bathroom # 4:

Wall light wall light

Brass wall lamp with glass globe, 69 €, of Habitat.

towel towel

Green towel with embossed motifs. Of different sizes, from 6 €, sold in Primark.

Candlesticks Candlesticks

Marble candle holders with chrome base. Fitia model, 44,99 € / cu, from La Redoute Interieurs.