A flat between classic and current

A flat between classic and current

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A few meters from the Madrid's Gran Vía you can still find jewelry from the past as spectacular as this stately floor of the early twentieth century. A complex and ambitious project that sought to update the spaces without losing an iota of its exquisite original flavor. A challenge that was responsible for carrying out the Ateliers HR study, specialized in renovate old houses with spectacular results, and that opts for the duality between the classic spirit and the design. Soils recovered, original architectural elements and a truly exquisite restored carpentry were the basis for an unbeatable result.

An elongated floor layout with the corridor as a conductive thread results in a succession of environments in the same decorative line; they are always independent spaces, but endowed with studied resources of integration based on arches, wide double leaf doors or glass enclosures that guarantee an absolutely voluntary visual union. Also, natural light, so free and intense, intervenes in interior design as another element of the equation. Not in vain the numerous and flirtatious balconies that equip each room were a reason for the acquisition of the house.

Highlights the exquisite care for details, both architectural and decorative, and the careful choice of coatings always in style vintage in perfect harmony with the original finishes of the house. The contrast, achieved by combining them with pieces of current design, breaks the idea of ​​classicism to use and shows results that never leave indifferent.

Advertising - Keep reading under Gray sofa with chaise longue

The irregular floor plan favored the creation of two independent living areas. This, equipped with a large corner sofa, seeks comfort without sacrificing design. Gray sofa with chaise longueby Gastón and Daniela. Carpet by Ikea. Vase and pair of leather poufs, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Ceiling lamp, from Ikea, painted in black.

Patterned rug

The presence of a master wall was solved with an arch that communicates the two environments of the room; one more familiar and the other more collected, for visits. An attractive work corner acts as a link. Sofa, by Maisons du Monde. Printed carpet, by Gastón and Daniela. Desk acquired at the Flea Market, in Paris.

Patterned cushions with ducks

Play with the striking details. A perfect resource to lighten the decoration and introduce fun notes without taking risks. The key is to choose affordable and easy to renew parts; Cushions, vases or blankets are ideal for this.

Work corner

Conceiving the room as a set of small environments is a success; It results in a more dynamic, complete and practical deco. A good example is this small work corner located between the two living areas of the room.

Wooden floor

Visual communication through the corridor links some environments with others providing an incredible feeling of relief; Only the floor, of flooring in the living room and ceramic in the hallway, marks the limits of the living area. Leather pouf, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Carpet by Ikea.

Wrought iron clock with Roman numerals

Decorative, original and, of course, practical, the clocks are again protagonists of our walls. This is demonstrated by this model, forging and
With Roman numerals

Dining room with wooden central table

A peculiarity of this project is the location of the main dining room inside the kitchen. It is a new space, more modern and in tune with the latest trends, which advocate an organized kitchen designed to live in company. Table acquired at the Flea Market in Paris. Chairs Eiffel of the Eames.

Dining room with original fireplace

The windows are themselves a decorative element; from the old wrought iron railing of the balcony to the recovered shutters, they create a harmonic assembly so relevant that it deserves
Worth leaving without dressing. Next to it, the original fireplace brings an additional dose of charm
very enriching Mirror, by Maisons du Monde. Vases, from Kenay Home.

Classic green tableware

Tableware also counts, and tablecloths and napkins ... Contemplate the table as a whole, if you are looking for ultimate success. The trick is to coordinate textiles with household items and add balanced centers.

Double leaf door

A fundamental part of the project was the recovery of the old carpentry; Today we find doors as spectacular as this one, with double leaf, with a showcase decorated and painted in a modern anthracite. A sample of the intentional fusion of styles.The toy stroller can be purchased at Imaginarium.

Open kitchen through a custom enclosure

Stresses the enclosure, made to measure, which separates the two spaces and replaces the traditional partition. It consists of a fixed element composed of a module up to half height, with storage capacity towards the kitchen, and with fixed glass to the ceiling. A resource that allows visual communication and
free flow of natural light.

Hydraulic floor and windows of the last century

The presence of furniture of refined lines and steel appliances contrasts with the hydraulic floor and the original windows of the last century; a careful miscegenation of surprising result styles. Kitchen furniture, from Santos. AEG appliances. Custom made enclosure by a carpenter.

A very special tap

Turn common elements into the spotlight. Something as usual as the kitchen faucet can decorate the entire area by itself, if you choose a model as peculiar as this one from Tres Taps.

Black wardrobe

The high ceilings and the beautiful carpentry that covers the walls supported the idea of ​​exempt wardrobes in the bedrooms; except in the main one, where the irregular floor led to the integration of the wardrobe by means of white panels, which simulate those of work.
Carpet, by A Loja do Gato Preto. Black ceiling lamp, Light Years. Black wardrobe, by Ikea.

Bluish Gray Bedroom

The desire and the need for tranquility at the end of the day require the choice of neutral colors and absence of stridency in the rest areas. In the master bedroom bluish grays and focused patterns reign. Carpet and bedding, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Bronze sconces purchased in France.

Bronze wall lamp

To get a very special touch in the bedroom these lamps were used with bronze sconces purchased in France.

Antique-looking bathtub with legs

In tune with the classic air liners, this bathroom is chaired by a newly designed cast iron bathtub. It is a model of the Jacob Delafon signature, with legs and also available, for the most daring, in striking colors.

Black and white bathroom

Both the reform and the decoration of the bathrooms were taken care of until the last detail with the intention of reproducing the spaces of yesteryear and integrating the faucets and toilets of today.
Grifos, from the firm Tres acquired at Azulejos Peña. Sanitarios, by Jacob Delafon. Towels, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Antique mirror with design furniture

Current or retro? The latest trends erase borders between styles and integrate pieces from different backgrounds. Thus, in this bathroom they combine a wonderful antique mirror and design furniture. Why not?

Floor plan

Floor plan corresponding to the reform.