Prepare your terrace for spring! And don't forget the mojitos ...

Prepare your terrace for spring! And don't forget the mojitos ...

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Can you smell it Yes, spring is about to arrive, and with it the good temperatures, the flowers of a thousand colors, and ... terrace! So hurry up and start decorating it with the latest deco proposals, because this season your house will become the speakeasy most envied of the city! Go preparing the ice ...

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The secret of a cozy terrace is the presence of nature, so give it a touch greenery!

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To the pool

If you have a pool at home ... We envy you! But if you want to make the area more comfortable, add several corners for rest, and protect a part of the sun's rays.

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Plants and candles combine wonderfully when it comes to creating a terrace with Zen essence. Don't cut yourself!

Photo: Meritxell Ribé

Little trees

So cute and so help! Because although we would all like to have our own forest, living in a city makes it difficult ...

Photo: Meritxell Ribé


With an industrial style terrace your house will gain a lot of personality!

Photo: Meritxell Ribé

Retro swing

A lacquered steel swing like this will bring you back to childhood in the blink of an eye. Also, you have it available in a lot of colors!

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Gathering Zone

If you are looking to feel close to yours, do not forget to buy a very large sofa!

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Natural wood

The wooden furniture is perfect to get a look Very natural, as long as it is surrounded by seedlings!

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With such a beautiful decoration, get ready for your neighbors to become James Stewart in The indiscreet window! And don't forget the garland of little lights for the night ...

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No, size doesn't matter, because even on a tiny balcony you can create this wonderful terrace!

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Rustic airs

Another way to swing with a rustic dot and very chic!

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