A flat in Poland that reinvents the Nordic style

A flat in Poland that reinvents the Nordic style

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Mateusz and Martyna are the protagonists of our history today. Together they bought a flat of 70 square meters with 3 bedrooms in the Polish city of Gdansk that wanted to decorate so that the style of the two was reflected. He liked warm and modern interiors. To her, the Nordic aesthetic and the combination of white with gray. The Raca Architects studio was in charge of making them compatible and shaping the home of their dreams.

To achieve this, they painted the walls in the tones that Martyna wanted and decorated with Scandinavian furniture pieces, using dark oak and green to break with the total Nordic look and make it more cozy. The interior designers designed custom furniture to take better advantage of the spaces, such as the large bookcase that runs along one of the walls of the living room and reaches the kitchen that serves, as well as storage, as an entrance separator, also delimited by the tile floor . The common area was left open to make the interior more fluid and let the light open. The result is a home in which its owners feel at home. A faithful reflection of them.

Photo: Photo & Mohito

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The large gray sofa of Sofacompany, the blue and green carpet of Linie Design and the Iker coffee table stand out in the lounge area.

Dinning room

Located between the lounge area and the kitchen.

Custom kitchen

In green bottle and mint. The lamps are the Muit Ambit model.


The cabinets are symmetrical and the lower ones have the same color of the table to go unnoticed.

Table detail

The table was made to measure and the chairs are from Paged Collection.


Next to the kitchen cupboards, simple Muuto lamps.

A table set More wood

Detail of one of the kitchen cabinets, with oak wood doors and bottle green handles.

Green bottle

Laminated dining room table detail

Vegetable touch Combined

The television cabinet continues with the aesthetics of other custom designed furniture.

To hang up

A wooden hook serves to hang the lamp next to the television.

Open minded

View of the space shared by the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Iron and wood

The materials that make up the aisle shelf.

All hidden

The refrigerator was panelized to integrate it perfectly into the open space.


View of the shelf that serves as storage for the entrance, the living room and the kitchen.

Dark green

It is the color chosen for the entrance and the perfect background for the gray upholstered side and the wooden hooks.

Soil change

At the entrance, a more functional and easy to clean tile floor was chosen.

Round piece

At the entrance, a custom-made round mirror accompanied by pink and black Muuto ceiling lamps.

Mirror detail Bath

In a more current Nordic style.

Mint green

The sink cabinet puts the touch of color.

Winding curves

Round mirror with metal structure hung on a wooden hook.


"The floor tiles seem to create a classic carpet," say the interior designers.

Bathtub view

Minimalist and elegant in equal parts.

Shower open

With indsutrial style screen.

Floor plan