Foods to combat heat

Foods to combat heat

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It is unavoidable. In summer we will encounter yes or yes with more than one heat wave which will make the days almost unbearable. Given this, the best recommendation, in addition to staying away from the central hours of the sun, is to hydrate well. Hydration, however, does not happen just by drinking water constantly. You can also go to it through the food you eat.

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Beware of intense heat periods. Children, elderly people and professionals exposed to the most intense hours of sun are the ones that suffer the most damage. Food is key to taking care of yourself In these hard times of heat.

A diet rich in salads, fruits and vegetables will help keep hydration at bay.

Mint leaves

Mint menthol acts on the mucosal cold receptors, which sends the cold signal to the brain.

Spicy to chill

Chilli peppers, peppers, spices such as curry or paprika have the virtue of increasing
internal heat of the organism and cause us to sweat. In doing so, our temperature
body is regulated and we cool. The same goes for hot drinks and foods.
85 % of water is what ... They contain carrots. Perfect for this hot season because, in addition to cooling off, they help you enhance the tan. If you don't like their texture, try them in juice.

Raspberries and Blackberries

Red fruits and berries are rich in anthocyanins that have an important anti-inflammatory effect, decrease pressure and facilitate vasodilation, which helps the body to lower its temperature through circulation. Use them in sweet desserts, refreshing smoothies and as a snack between meals.

Water-rich vegetables: broccoli and spinach

In summer it is necessary to strengthen the hydration of our body because
Sweating salts and water are lost. Drink plenty of water and drink fruits and vegetables
They can help you. Among the green leafy vegetables, write down:

Broccoli. It contains up to 91% water. Give a fresh touch to your meals by taking it as a side dish of meat and fish or as part of a salad.

Spinach. They have 92% water and have a low calorie content, about 23 per 100 grams. In addition, they provide an appreciable amount of fiber that favors intestinal transit. Try them boiled or in salads.

In addition to gazpachos, natural fruit juices naturally quench the sensation of thirst.

You can go to the homemade lemonade recipes to always have in your fridge. Ingredients such as tomato, orange, lemon and fruits whose base is pure water, such as watermelon, are basic these days.

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Avoid alcohol consumption these days, as it creates the opposite effect to what we are looking for: dehydrates your body. In addition, a less caloric diet will make you feel less heavy. It includes foods rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and water, lots of water.

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And among all these foods that will make your days more bearable in the heat waves, here goes A list of TOP foods to combat heat waves:

- Tangerines
- Grapefruits
- Pears
- Tomatoes
- Watermelon
- Lemon
- orange
- Tofu
- Clams
- Crab
- Apple
- Mango
- Asparagus
- Cucumbers
- Blackberries
- Spinach
- Mushrooms
- Beet

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