A holiday home

A holiday home

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In love with Sotogrande for years, the owners of this holiday House they commissioned the construction project to architect Joaquín Mier and his decoration, to the Melián Randolph studio. The goal was to be welcoming and practical; Therefore, it was conceived as an open space, with access to the outside, where kitchen, dining room and living room coexist. On both sides, two bedrooms. The bleached floor and the chickpea tone of the walls They are the perfect base for unconventional decoration in a second residence.

It was essential to communicate the house with the outside, to enjoy the summer sun and the peace of the rest days. In the small back garden there is a nice pool and at the entrance, an iron pergola, topped with a circular workbench. Inside, the most current trend details, in steel, or simple furniture, such as sofas, coffee table or kitchen chairs, coexist with unique pieces - such as Chinese silver necklaces - and measured touches of color , which provide warmth and style.

The concessions to color, present in the day area, disappear in the bedrooms, where neutral tones dotted with notes predominate in violet and grayish blue, in a very soft range. In the bathrooms comfort is imposed, with a large sink and shower area and bathtub in the same space, all seasoned by natural light that enters through the original windows of the construction, lacquered in white. In short, simple elements that enhance the expression of contemporary style.

Advertising - Continue reading below Eclectic decoration

The bleached pallet floor harmonizes with the ceiling interwoven, which is supported by metallic pillars painted in beige. Together with the white carpentry they form a base of soft tones that enhance the natural light characteristic of the Cadiz coast. Bauparket platform. Ceiling lamp and vases, from Meridiana.

Living room and terrace

The largest room in the house is an open space; a half-height wall hides the kitchen and separates the living and dining areas, both with access to the outside through large windows that connect to the garden. Ceiling fan, from Inthai, for sale in Light Years. Ethnic necklaces, from Meridiana.

Decorate with nuances

The living room is light and fresh, for the chosen shades, but rich in textures thanks to the glass of the coffee table, the leather of the trunk, which is used as an auxiliary table, the dark wood of the lamp and the metal details. Estera, from the firm KP. Sofas, from Melián Randolph studio. Glass table with drawer under lacquered, Casa y Campo. The photograph is the work of Aleix Plademunt. Lamps, by Meridiana. Armchairs, from Superstudio.

The kitchen

It was embedded in a low wall that also makes it independent of the living area. It has been solved in a small space since, being a second home, it is only used to prepare breakfast and light meals. Next to it is a small dining room in which the table stands out with the turned foot. Bertoia chairs, from the Knoll firm, have been animated with multicolored cushions.

Romantic garden

The landscaping project was carried out by Jesús Gómez Cárdenas with the intention of enjoying making the most of the garden. Next to the main entrance to the house was placed this semicircular pergola with work bench. The lamp and the lantern are from the landscape studio.

Bathroom in green tones

The washbasin area combines two colors: green - present in slate tiles that cover the floor and the baseboard - and white. A wall separates the bathtub from the under-washbasin cabinet, custom-made by Carpentry Moncada. The rounded design of the washbasin, the pickled wood mirror and the ceiling spotlight complete the set. Garden chair, by Jesús Gómez.

Bedroom with bathroom

The main room, with the attic ceiling and the viguería painted in a violet tone, is accessed by a corridor in which the cabinets - with lattice doors - and the bathroom are located. Cabinets, of Carpentry Moncada. On the bedside table, the articulated lamp is the Tolomeo model, by Artemide. The cushions were made with fabrics from Gastón and Daniela.

Work shower

The bathroom has a bathtub and shower located at an angle. The latter, protected by a glass screen, has a work plate lined with boulders. On the walls, plastic paint was combined with slate tiles.

Star detail

The coffee table occupies a privileged place in the lounge, so it is usually the center of attention. Look for designs that also offer functional solutions. This, for example, was completed with a drawer under lacquered. It is from the firm Casa y Campo.


- The game of heights and finishes on the ceiling. On the one hand the wood of the interviewer and on the other, the color of the joists.
- In addition, the bathroom and closets, although integrated in the bedroom, are located in a cubic space that has a flat false ceiling, topped with a molding.
- Neutral tones that predominate in a room, designed for rest. The wood of the floor, in a washed white, gives continuity throughout the house and merges with the walls and carpentry.


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