A 90m² apartment full of light

A 90m² apartment full of light

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Located in a Centennial building of Barcelona's Ensanche, the reform of this house of 90 m2 bears the imprint of the Interior designers Mario Calavera and Dunia Garriga. Their owners, a couple with two children, were clear What they wanted: gain breadth. Therefore, suppressing corridors and demolishing partitions to optimize space was the priority objective. In addition, the work was conditioned by the irregular house floor, since it makes chamfer. A particularity that was solved without any problem.

The new floor of the house was thought so that the service area - bathrooms and kitchen - was distributed around the inner courtyard of the building, to solve the issue of downspouts, ventilation and smoke outlet. Where originally there was a narrow corridor with a tiny toilet, a small room without light that led to another room and a triangle-shaped bathroom, now there is a distributor that gives way to an independent area, with a bathroom and the children's bedroom . The rooms facing the exterior façade were modified by throwing several partitions; The new distribution includes study, living room and master bedroom with integrated bathroom. The kitchen was extended at the expense of the old hall, and adopted an original triangular shape due to the irregularity of the house.

The intelligent choice of furniture, both in the living room and in the bedrooms, which includes only the essential elements, and the installation of sliding doors and fitted wardrobes they put their grain of sand at the time of gaining space. As for the pavement, the problems of vibrations and the beams in poor condition of the structure forced to replace the original cladding, which was a hydraulic mosaic, by industrial type parquet, of oak.

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room and dining room

Visually separated, but perfectly integrated, the living room and dining room coexist in a spacious and bright space, thanks to the direct clarity that flows through its two outdoor balconies. Sevilla table, design by Pep Bonet and Cristian Cirici and marrow chairs and iron structure in black Sevilla, by BD Barcelona Design. Ceiling lamp Fillsta, by Ikea, in white.

Improvised Still Life

Glasses with candles, centers with flowers and a light lamp invite you to extend the table in the cozy dining area. Linen paths, from Indian & Pacific. Flower arrangements, from Sia. Mercer model lamp, from Marset.

Combined living and dining area

The living-dining room communicates with the studio through a sliding panel that, when left open, exposes another window that provides light and spaciousness. Chocolate sofa and armchairs, by Perobell. Cushions, from Filocolore. Pictures, from Cado and photo, by J.L Hausmann.

Stools as a coffee table

We love the color note that the Ribbon stools in yellow bring to this room, designed by Nendo for Capellini (€ 359 in Minim). FLAT>

White details that provide luminosity

The eggplant color of seats, cushions and curtains contrasts with the broken white of the armchair, the carpet of hair or the lamps, which provide ambient lighting to the room. Beige Butterfly armchair, by La Immaculada Concepción. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas. Crystal Ball Lamp, by Pilma, with adjustable light intensity.

Furniture with decorative effect

The living room was furnished very lightly; with the sofa, the armchairs and the bookcase next to the walls the central area was cleared to increase the feeling of spaciousness. In the background, a door gives way to the master bedroom. Metal wall shelf Tria system, by Mobles 114. Glass coffee table and chrome structure, design by Eileen Gray. Forsa chrome flexos, from Ikea.

Kitchen with triangle plant

In the kitchen, which overlooks an interior patio, the original window with antique glass stands out, which was respected after the reform. In front of him was the cooking and work area. Chrome bar with hooks, at 1.20 m (€ 5.99) in Ikea.

Retro kitchenware

Vintage pieces take center stage in the kitchen: tin containers for storing cookies, spices or oil, the teapot and the classic siphons transport us emotionally to past decades. Antique collection siphons and cans bought in Paris. You can find similar parts in Ivo & Co.

Total relaxation in the bedroom

The direct light that enters through the two balconies gives warmth to the master bedroom. The armchair - rescued from a container - and the feather lamp provide a very flattering retro and sophisticated air. Deco armchair upholstered with a Designers Guild fabric. Quilt and cushions for sale in Filocolore.

Sort the bedroom

An impressive container cabinet, lacquered in red and custom designed by interior designers, allows you to maintain order in the master bedroom, and links to a sliding door through which you access the small bathroom. Extra wooden table with chromed structure and articulated lamps with aluminum screens, Gira model, Mobles 114. Bedspread and cushions, Filocolore.

Bedside table decorated with care

The ceiling lamp with white plastic feathers Icarus model, by Pilma, on the bedside table raises the decorative value of the bedside table.

Red Hot Bath

Integrated into the bedroom, the cozy toilet has the wooden floor. The walls are matt gray gresite and bright red tiles cover the shower walls. The mirror is a bookcase closet. Mirror cabinet with integrated light Hialina model, design by Oscar Tusquets for BD Barcelona Design. Towels, from Filocolore.

Cheerful and carefree children's bedroom

A fresh air invades the boys' bedroom, furnished with T-placed bunk beds, an original bookcase and a mobile study table. Garnet and orange tones tone up the room. Bookworm shelving in garnet PVC; It is a design by Ron Arad, for the Kartell firm. Ceiling lamp of L'appartement. Flexos in aluminum and duvet covers, from Ikea.