Fun ideas to decorate and distribute your room

Fun ideas to decorate and distribute your room

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Even if your children share a bedroom, it is important that everyone has their own own space to locate your personal items.

The same goes for the desk, each child needs his place and his organization and that they are done responsible of his stuff. A good option is to place the parallel tables, above, so that the brothers can help each other, with sizes in proportion to the height of each one, as in this case.

Desk Architekt Mini, 95,99 €, from Vertbaudet. Vertbaudet

If, on the contrary, you think that being together can be more distracting, To stop the desks putting them in different areas of the room, using dividers as screens or taking advantage of a corner.

Vertbaudet's bedroom.

Great ideas for mini bedrooms

If you do not have much space in your child's room, you need to get some versatile furniture and functional. Keep in mind that in the room, your child will sleep, but he will also study, play and receive his friends. So to the bed you have to add a desk, place to play and some extra seat to receive your guests. This example assures you of these functions.

Bedroom Flash, 644 €, from Menamobel.

Maximum use!

Promote your hygiene habits

As they grow, it is necessary to teach your children the need for a good grooming. You have to get used to brushing hands and teeth. Recognize their achievements and you will favor their self esteem.

Zara Home accessories. Zara Home

Make sure the bathroom elements are at your height and have original prints, like these, from Zara Home: witch towel, 7,99 €; of stars, 5,99 €, and dispenser, 12,99 €.


➽ Do your kids love to eat and cook? Surprise them with the tools to practice. Give them your name and they will become great chefs.

Mini Chef Kit

Buy it here Mini Chef Kit with apron, pan, 3 pasta cutters, 2 safety pins and a roller, 35 €, from Mimuka.

➽ What a surprise your children will get when they see that they are the protagonists of a story! A beautiful magical story with the letters of his name.

Personal story

Order it here Personal and unique story, The Magic of my name, 26,90 €. They will feel very special.

➽ Children will love these helmets with fun shapes and volume limiter.


Buy them here Headphones Little Rockerz Costume, since 14,05 € / cu, from Ifrogz.

➽ Thrones for princes and princesses of the house.


Buy them here Custom chair, 49,90 € / cu, in