A 70 m2 flat full of light

A 70 m2 flat full of light

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The owners of this Madrid apartment, about 70 m2, commissioned its reform to the Art Home Architecture studio, with the architect Ana Hernández Alesanco at the head of the project. Fill the house with light and achieve open spaces They were the goals. The house - originally very compartmentalized - became a new one, with only the essential partitions so that the clarity provided by the terrace does not find a brake. The key to the reform: assign the hall surface to the room and distribute your furniture correctly, to create a natural passage area to the terrace and dining room and, at the same time, enjoy more light and views. Between living room and dining room, a large sliding door joins or separates them.

The bedroom and bathroom are accessed from the dining room. In the first, with the space optimized to the maximum, the bed occupies the center of the room, flanked by a built-in wardrobe and a wall-to-wall chest of drawers, located in front of the window. In the bathroom, the white marble Macael Present in the washbasin cabinet, original and sculptural, and in the shower, it is a plus of sophistication.

As for the decoration, the fusion of styles and materials and the use of color to create corners with more impact and visual interest are two of the characteristics that define housing. In the living room and dining room, it will be vibrant chromatic rugs those that give cohesion to the furniture; while in the bedroom, the explosion of color of a ethnic printSenegalese, softens with a sand tone, a wink, perhaps, to the African desert. That variety of nuances fades in the kitchen. A space where white and anthracite dominate, and in which only aluminum and black slate are allowed in. The result: a clear, harmonious and very bright environment.

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The living room and dining room, each one has its own space, are communicated through a large sliding door. In the living area, a multicolored carpet with an aged finish, due to its contrast with the furniture, increases the visual interest in each piece. Shelving, by Art Home Architecture.

The color note is made by textiles

Sofa and pouf, for sale in Ikea. Plaid stamped, by Aunty B. Mesa, by Becara. In the retro chair, animal print, by Pepe Peñalver. Carpet, by Yara Carpets.

Fusion of styles in the dining room

A Moroccan carpet focuses attention in the dining room, consisting of a rustic table and more current chairs, with molded wood veneer on tubular steel legs. Table and chairs, by Hanbel. Vase, glasses and bottle, from El Almacén de Loza. To the right, in the living room, cushions, of Antennae.

Yesterday's furniture

An antique piece of furniture, which is now used as a sideboard, gains relief with the white-black color binomial. The wall becomes a serene background, perfect, so that its forms and details are better appreciated. Stools, by Ikea. About the antique furniture, photography, by Jordi Socias. In the foreground, on the table, vases and bowls, from Antennae. Air conditioning, from Daikin.

Visual connection of the kitchen

The passport window is key to a more pleasant environment where to perform culinary tasks. Its wall was well used to prolong the countertop and cabinets. To highlight, the spotlights to illuminate this work area and the magnetized slate wall, which harmonizes with white and anthracite. Techlam porcelain countertop from Levantina. Painting, by MC Painting Decoration.

Optimal distribution

The sink area stands out for its large storage capacity, despite its reduced space. The smooth and white doors, without handles, even their symmetry, contribute to creating a feeling of spaciousness. Kitchen with Nerea furniture, from the firm Donna, in high gloss white laminate, custom made by Estudio Diseño Actual.

Deco-functional composition

The wall of the window becomes an extra warehouse area with a custom furniture, equipped with drawers and doors. On this one, several headdresses and chic boxes give the bedroom a more feminine and flirtatious air. Furniture designed by the Art Home Architecture studio. Headdresses and boxes, from Mimoki. Roller blind, from Persiven. This window, like those of the rest of the house, is from the firm Aluminios Vegafer.

Miscegenation with character

A quilt acquired on a trip to Senegal puts the colorful note in the bedroom. An ethnic print, in harmony with the headdresses, which is nuanced with the sand tone of the headboard, pillows and blanket. A lesson in style! Bedside table by Hanbel. Articulated spotlight and apply on the sheet, of Light and Space. Fan, by Leroy Merlin.
Jewelery, headdresses, scarves and gloves, well chosen, recreate the chic air that is breathed in an atelier.

The most exclusive bathroom

The almost sculptural design of the washbasin cabinet distills originality in the bathroom. With the white-on-white decoration, based on the richness of Macael marble nuances and natural light, a serene and at the same time majestic environment is created. Furniture, designed by Art Home Architecture, in marble. Towels, Texture.

Plan and distribution of the house

Solutions in the bedroom:

-Has a large window It provides light, views and ventilation to the bedroom. But, unless the landscape is heavenly, the ideal is to turn your environment into a corner with interest.

- For this wall of about 2.50 m, straight, without irregularities, a piece of furniture is perfect, from side to side.

- The height of the furniture It will depend on how far the window is from the ground. Its depth, its proximity to the bed. Drawers and doors must be able to open.