Play with us: window in the kitchen with or without curtain?

Play with us: window in the kitchen with or without curtain?

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On some occasions to enjoy the views it is preferable not to place curtains on the kitchen window and others precisely to grant some privacy to the opposite room.

Kitchen with window dressed in a textile blind.

Depending on where the window is located, it is preferable to place a blind or a curtain, to avoid splashing of stains whether it is near the sink or in the food preparation area. Near the plate it is preferable not to put a curtain for safety. You can always get the view into the kitchen is not direct with a vinyl on the window glass or an acid glass.

Kitchen with window without curtains.

If you put a curtain, make sure it is washable as it will stain, given the activity of the kitchen. Avoid a Venetian since its cleaning is complicated.

What kind of curtain do you have in the window? Would you rather dress the kitchen window or leave it in sight? Comment!


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