A duplex open to the light

A duplex open to the light

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An original division of space based on the full integration of elements was the slogan in this Barcelona penthouse, decorated by interior designer Susana Sigüenza Sánchez. In this sense, one of the greatest successes is the ingenious visual and real continuity between the living room and the generous terrace, which translates into the breadth required by the owners.

The window, which occupies an entire front, translucent blinds and the choice of the same platform for the two environments reinforce the feeling of unity and beautify the interior, which gains in light and depth. The selection of furniture and textiles was also carried out with a global vision; Therefore, each piece fits perfectly. Wood, white and gray play chiaroscuro, both in the living area and in the dining room and in the kitchen, rooms all connected to each other and to the terrace. Exquisite design pieces prevail with a common denominator: high strength materials. Not surprisingly, the owners of this apartment have two small children and although they declare themselves to be lovers of the latest trends, they have not wanted to lose sight of the functionality of each element.

The duplex has a lower floor which is accessed from the living room through a light staircase, with glass railing. The bedrooms and bathrooms are located there, on a floor that stands out for its successful organization. The space that was available made it possible to have two large bedrooms: that of the children, with a play area, and the main one, with integrated dressing room and bathroom. In addition, next to the stairs, a practical room was set up, which was enabled as a washing area, iron and storage room to organize household linen as well as utensils and cleaning products.

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room and dining room share space

To decorate the room elements of generous dimensions were chosen, which allow to gather the whole family and friends without problems of space. Corner sofa in charcoal gray Plat model and coffee tables model Ovo; Everything from Arketipo. Patterned cushions, from Designers Guild. Blinds with sunscreen, from Bandalux. Wool rug, by Gandía Blasco.

Salon of refined lines

Famous design pieces come together in virtually every room of the house. As a resource to integrate them, white was chosen for almost all of them. Ovo coffee tables, from Arketipo. Picture, for sale in Cado.

Dinning room

The contrast between gray and white triumphs in an environment where natural light is the undisputed protagonist. Eolo model dining table and Leaf chairs, from Arper. The seedlings are from Sia. A rising trend and a fun decorative wink, these are the false hunting trophies that emulate the pieces exhibited by the hunters.

Outdoor cladding and furniture on the terrace

The unification of the environments is due, in large part, to the choice of the same oak flooring for all spaces, including the terrace; although there a special treatment was applied to protect it from the inclement weather. Sofa and armchairs model Cover and coffee table model Unox; everything from Bivaq.

Work area in the lounge

The bookstore, which was made to measure, occupies an entire wall and still allows you to include a complete work area. Throughout this space, white is the main feature as a resource to lighten this front and further enhance the light. The shelving and furniture in the office area were custom made and designed by interior designer Susana Sigüenza. Blinds with sunscreen, from Bandalux.

Dining area

Design and warmth allied in this original dining room equipped with a table of natural oak planks and gray and white polypropylene chairs. The striking ceiling lamp, created by a Dutch designer, makes this environment even more authentic, designed to integrate perfectly into the living room.

Original dining table

The dining table, which has an original solid wood design with an uneven finish at one end, is the Raw model, from the Zanotta firm. The chairs, made of plastic material, are very decorative and practical in a family dining room. On the table, glass containers with artificial seedlings, of the firm Sia.

A custom kitchen

The kitchen was designed as a living room environment, with which it communicates through a large sliding door. Kitchen designed by interior designer Susana Sigüenza and custom made by the Ocher Studio. The countertop is from Corian. The appliances are from Gaggenau and Siemens. Round colored rugs from Ikea. Highchair by Zoobie.

Children's bedroom with space to play

A practical cabinet with wheels and storage capacity visually divides the area destined for the older sister of the baby. The bright colors of the carpet and the textile accessories put the children's note in a very simple environment, with a predominance of white. Cot, of Coolkids. Carpet, Pond Street model, by Designers Guild. Auxiliary furniture separator, made to measure.

Blank master bedroom

Each element chosen to furnish the bedroom responds to the need to maintain order. White premium, on the upholstered bed and on the fronts of the closets, since the touch of color was reserved for textiles. Quilt and cushions, from Filocolore. Striped carpet, by Gandía Blasco. Black Fat Fat side table, by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia.

Dressing room and bathroom in the master bedroom

Access to the bathroom is now a cozy dressing room that houses the sink area and a precious storage space. This was achieved thanks to a large warehouse module open from the top and side; the back, which overlooks the rest area, is paneled in warm cherry-colored wood.

Bathroom with space for everything

The bathroom is divided into three very different environments: the sink area, located on a custom-made furniture of great capacity, on the other the shower tray, closed by a transparent glass door, and in a separate area, the Toilet and bidet. The washbasin cabinet was custom made in oak, in the same finish as the floor covering the floor. The washbasin and other toilets come from the Flaminia firm. All bathroom faucets are from the Antonio Miró collection for Supergrif. Towels, from Filocolore.

House plan and ideas

At the foot of the bed the front is occupied by the large window that communicates with the terrace; Therefore, the classic built-in wardrobe was replaced by a large capacity exempt model. In addition, its peculiar modular design allows the opening of the sliding window and the free movement of light.


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