How to choose the perfect sunbed

How to choose the perfect sunbed

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The Redoute Interieurs.

If you are thinking of getting one to relax or sunbathe, in addition to where you are going to put it and what use you are going to give it, consider its materials and accessories to enjoy it to the fullest.

It must be comfortable: Choose it with reclining backrest, headrest, footrest and folding, like this model Amezza, in acacia and canvas, by La Redoute Interieurs.

The Redoute Interieurs. Buy it here 135 €

With its canvas of tropical motifs, the Amezza chaise longue will be your best ally throughout the summer. Comfortable and practical, it offers multiple functions: multi-position seat, headrest, canvas and removable footrest. Foldable, you can easily store it and enjoy it for many summers.

Look at the structure: There are resin and aluminum, resistant and light; steel, heavier; natural fiber (rattan), and synthetic (polypropylene), and wood (teak
or acacia).

Fabrics: The soft cotton canvas shares space with fresh, breathable, weatherproof and antibacterial synthetics, such as dralon®, teflon® and textylene®.

Accessories: Get a cover to keep it when you do not use it and a textile candle or umbrella to avoid losing the colors by the sun.

Maintenance and cleaning of outdoor furniture

Regular maintenance is easily solved in almost all garden furniture, whatever the material; But, if you have to renew or recover them, do this.

Aluminum is light and resistant to sun, rain, humidity ... As is plastic. Both materials are cleaned with soapy water. Maisons du Monde

METAL FURNITURE Anti-rust paints and enamels are the right products to keep metal and iron structures in perfect condition. These paintings do not require a primer, minio or similar, but are "two by one". They are also in different finishes: smooth, forge, etc ... There are also "direct rust" paints that offer an anti-corrosive action, even on furniture that is already rusty.

The cleaning basic of all materials is done with Water and neutral soap. No more

FURNITURE AND PIECES OF NATURAL FIBER. Rattan, bamboo, etc ... The transparent varnish protects them without changing their original color. If they are discolored, paint them with spray paint of the color you want. It is easier to use than the brush or roller and penetrates the cracks.

HOW TO KEEP WOOD FURNITURE. They need to be hydrated with protectors and varnishes. The former enter the grain and improve the resistance of the natural material without covering the pore, so that it "breathes". In addition, they repel water. There are them with fungicide and / or insecticide against the attack of fungi and insects of the wood. Teak oil is the most used protector, preventing the material from cracking and turning gray. The varnishes, meanwhile, seal, waterproof and protect from weather aggressions. And the outdoor ones are specially formulated to withstand humidity and saltpeter.

WORK FURNITURE. If they are dirty or worn, return the color and good looks with an acrylic enamel to the water with a matt, glossy or satin finish. You have enamels in all colors.

PLASTIC FURNITURE. They endure what they throw and their maintenance is almost nil. To modernize them, paint them with multi-surface paint.

Clean and maintain fabrics and outdoor cushions

Protect them from the sun. When you don't use the furniture, put them in plastic covers and
Remove covers and cushions.

Not removable. When they cannot be removed from the furniture to be washed separately, try to act quickly. If any liquid is spilled, wipe it immediately with absorbent paper and a damp cloth with a few drops of ammonia removes the stain.

Canvases Use dry foam for upholstery, applying them as explained by the manufacturer.