A rehabilitated country house

A rehabilitated country house

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Lived environments and high personal content flood this magnificent holiday home nestled in the middle of nature. Fresh grass meadows and centuries-old pines constitute an incomparable setting that its owner, Geneviève Lethu, has chosen as an escape valve to daily obligations. The famous French designer, along with her husband, acquired the property years ago and decided to devote all the necessary time to its rehabilitation; Creating an idyllic atmosphere takes time.

The result of such pampering is evident; whitewashed walls, arabic tiles, and shutters and demolition shutters beautify the facade and allow you to intuit an interior full of charm and coquetry. The use of own colors of the area for the outside played a fundamental role at the time of integrating the house in the nature.

The interior, very comfortable and devoid of artifice, is a reflection of the intimate spirit of the couple, who opted for the popular architecture of the environment and the use of materials typical of the area. Part of the charm that enamored them lay in the single floor structure, and in certain structural details that, of course, respected and enhanced. Perfect example of this are the exposed beams; some of them, painted in the same sea-green tone of the carpentry, stand out on the white roofs.

The kitchen deserves special attention, installed in a gallery attached to the house, and bright par excellence. With custom cabinets, to respect the gable roof, and a large central dining room becomes a nerve center, both for the sense of serenity it conveys, and for its pleasant balance. The same calm air is breathed in the master bedroom, decorated and dressed in white, and with a patent ornamental nudity that helps clear the mind of obligations and worries. A clear reflection of the premeditated search for rest in this delicious house renovated and decorated only to escape the worldly noise.

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Busy flower beds, a freshly cut lawn and the smell of pine trees are unique aromas and sensations that are also part of this unusual holiday home, rehabilitated with special care to resemble the typical houses of the region.

Personal decoration

Nice, nice but also very resistant. A maximum in summer rooms, which should be comfortable and easy to maintain. The roof guard was respected throughout the house. We love the idea of ​​painting only some colored beams, to further highlight its presence.

The chairs

made of synthetic fiber resist moisture and combine beautifully with the sofa, striped upholstery, and with the wooden table. All simple elements that are enriched with nice and original details, such as the collection of small paintings that dot the walls, or the glassware exposed directly on the large console. The striped fabric of the sofa comes from Pierre Frey. All accessories are from Geneviève Lethu. The wooden console is from Hugonet.

To integrate a house into the environment,

nothing like using materials from the area; here both wood and stone were extracted near the house.

Family meals

The generous dimensions of the dining room respond to the desire to gather family and friends during the rest days.

Direct exit

From the dining room to the garden brings a special freshness to the entire room.

The dining room complements

and the utensils are from Geneviève Lethu.

Kitchen lovers

The neatness of the white color is interrupted by innumerable accessories hanging from the walls; casseroles and pans, knives and ladles print the particular seal of who dominates this space.

A large table with the stone envelope

and several Thonet-style chairs put the icing on this curious environment where the legendary Grain de Riz dinnerware created over 30 years ago by the designer Geneviève Lethu could not be missing.

Break time

The small window is a sufficient light source for the master bedroom, whose walls are covered by white slats, matching the closets. The light reflection was further reinforced with also white bedding and details that do not detract from prominence.


An appetizing print in the garden that invites you to sit and enjoy the coolness of the afternoon.

A rustic style cupboard in the dining room

The delicacy of this cupboard, finished in washed green, made possible its perfect integration into a space decorated with modern design furniture. Its functionality and beauty has inspired us when selecting other similar proposals.


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