We're leaving as a family! Water games and fun for kids

We're leaving as a family! Water games and fun for kids

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Advertising - Read on below Bedroom with sea airs

Are your children authentic surfers? Do you like pirate adventures? Surprise your kids with the collections Newport Y Océan, from Maisons du Monde, where you will find beautiful furniture for your bedroom inspired by the old beach cabins and surfing. An irresistible combination that will create warm and modern spaces. They will love it!

Wardrobe, 60x42x160 cm, € 279; dressing room, 60x42x186 cm, € 299; bed, 90x190 cm, € 319, and hanger, € 39.99.

Water toys

Make your baby calm and have fun in the water with water toys with movement, lights and sounds.

Frank splashes, € 17.90, and Tato the duck, € 13.90, from Vtech.

The best way to finish a bath

After a long splash on the beach or in the pool, how you feel like wrapping in a soft towel! Choose hood models for babies, to prevent them from cooling down and losing heat from the head, and larger towels for the elderly where, in addition to drying, they can sit comfortably and play with their favorite toys, such as these multicolored cotton lines Zara Home, 90x150 cm, € 17.99 / cu.

Cans for your sodas

Do not forget to bring, when you go out, drinks to hydrate them properly. Reusable cans with lid and opening for drinking straw, € 16 / cu, in

Take the opportunity to promote independence and autonomy

As children grow, you have to work with them to be able to do things for themselves. Let them solve problems, live experiences and adventures every day and, above all, have fun. Start by letting him dress alone and hygiene habits.

The new collection O. Novo Kids, from Villeroy & Boch, it is ideal for this since the sink has three areas with three heights to adapt to its height.

Your own luggage

Equip the kids with luggage to carry their clothes and toys. They will feel very old!

Savanna suitcase, 44,95 €; Lion, € 39.95, in El Corte Inglés.

Pack to fight nightmares consisting of a book and a magic spray to kill monsters. Pack, € 19.90, in


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