The hotel room you always wanted to live in

The hotel room you always wanted to live in

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If going on vacation is already a full-blown plan, Staying in a design room in a Las Vegas hotel is the sumun of disconnection. Although with such a scenario, it will be difficult not to invade your Instagram account with photos ...


Its about Palms Casino Resort, a luxury hotel which, as the name itself indicates, has a casino, plus a spa and an incredible auditorium where musicians like Billy Idol play.


But if there is something that captures the attention of all eyes, it is the two suites called REVOLVE, designed in body and soul by the homonymous clothing firm in charge of interior designers Andrea DeRosa and Ashley Manhan, from the Avenue Interior Design studio, as a skillful strategy of branding.


With 182 and 218 square meters respectivelyboth they have carrara marble and botanical motif wallpaperand have been decorated following a style as feminine as glamorous in a beautiful color range of powdered roses and cream tones.


But although, undoubtedly, the design is film, the price of accommodation per night is not so attractive: about 2,600 euros, almost nothing ...


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