A house to piggyback

A house to piggyback

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While the idea of ​​putting all your stuff in a bedroom of approximately 10 square meters seems crazy, this story house He has achieved that and much more. With its almost 4 meters long, Nugget It has been designed by Modern Tiny Living and is much smaller than the houses of this style that are currently on the market. However, it includes the basic amenities.

With a bathroom, a kitchen and a small bedroom integrated into the structure, the house consists of a single-axle trailer that weighs about 2 tons. The exterior is clad in pine wood and the metal roof creates a clean and modern design.

The polished wood countertop includes a sink with copper faucet and a mini fridge. The details of wood and copper can also be seen on the knobs and shelves throughout the house.

The bathroom is hidden behind a small door that contains a shower and an ecological toilet. The bed, located in the corner of the trailer, is under several shelves and hangers, and also has a storage space inside.

But obviously, this house lacks some essential needs on a daily basis, such as heating or even television. That is why it is ideal for a weekend getaway.

The energy system is based on the solar panels of the roof and a set of batteries, in addition to a water tank with heater.

You like? From € 24,000 or € 30,000 (approx.) You can become your road trip companion. And if you want more, check out these small and equally charming houses.

Photos: Courtesy of Modern Tiny Living

Via: House Beautiful US