The House of Los Moyas, a charming rural refuge

The House of Los Moyas, a charming rural refuge

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Did you know that the black truffle is the gastronomic treasure of the Olba Valley area (Teruel)? Why not organize a getaway to this area rich in nature, gastronomy and tranquility. To feel at home, a charming new rural refuge has just opened its doors: The House of Los Moyas. A relaxing and comfortable environment to enjoy with family or friends.

The original building has stone walls, built several centuries ago, on the banks of the Mijares River. From here, numerous excursions for mountain lovers, through landscapes rich in poplars, elms, willows, pines, holm oaks, ash trees ... Walking along the paths of the Mijares River or bathing in its pools is a naturally perfect plan for the days of good weather.

And for those who prefer other emotions: climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, night cruises ... And at night too, a quieter plan: contemplate the stars when the lights go out. Teruel is one of the cleanest skies in Spain that brings the stars closer and turns their sky into a privileged astrophysical observatory.

The Moyas House It has two accommodations: La Casal, with capacity for 10 people, and La Casita, with capacity for four.
Tel .: 618 362 980

Advertising - Keep reading below A corner of nature to enjoy

The perfect place to disconnect. Casa de Los Moyas is a rural refuge in Olba (Teruel). It is a seventeenth-century building, in reality, two houses that were unified to form a spacious house of 250 square meters, distributed over three floors.

The study responsible for carrying out the reform is Narayantan, who maintained the original structure. Thus, the thick sandstone walls, typical of the area, protect spacious and comfortable interiors.

An old wine bucket, partially collapsed at the beginning, was set up as a rest area of ​​about 40 square meters, with barbecue. A cool corner, pleasant in summer and magical in winter as the ivy grows abundantly.

Comfortable interiors

Inside the house, clay floors alternate with sabina and chestnut parquet. The wooden windows reproduce motifs of the original pieces, recovered during the work and found in the pantry of the house.

Living room with fireplace

Highlights the breadth of all environments. The views of the house also deserve attention: all the windows reveal the forests on the banks of the Mijares river. Any look meets nature in its purest form.

Here, a lounge with a circular fireplace.

Fireplace Detail

To enjoy the heat inside the house on the coldest days.

A practical and comfortable decoration

The decoration alternates design furniture with reclaimed antique pieces.

With chimney

The arch of the old kitchen stove has been maintained in the rehabilitation of the house. Here, in this living area, a fireplace.

The house entrance

Ready to rest, disconnect, let time pass ...? A perfect corner at the entrance of the house.

The kitchen

With all amenities. It is also possible to hire breakfast or a cold dinner. If you prefer to eat out, ask for the picninc or tour the region to discover the local cuisine.

A kitchen to live it

Spacious and with a central dining room.

The bedrooms

The House of Los Moyas has La Casa and La Casita, two accommodations with different capacities (for 10 and 4 people respectively). Both have all the comforts and essentially rustic interiors. Here, one of the bedrooms.

Detail of the mural decoration

On the main wall of the bedroom, a composition of framed mirrors. Two ceiling lamps fall on the bedside table.

In stone and wood

Stone and wood in one of the bedrooms.

Mime in the details

Detail of the mirror frame with a simple floral arrangement in one of the bedrooms.

Yesterday and today

In all rooms rustic furniture is mixed with other pieces of more current design. An example, in this bedroom, the headboard and the bedside table are made of traditional style wood; while on the bedside table hang several light bulb lamps and colored wires.

Detail of the lamps

Detail of the lamps that decorate a corner of the bedroom.