My first house: a low of 45 m²

My first house: a low of 45 m²

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Win warehouse areas without subtracting useful space It was one of the greatest achievements in this small house. Coatings are often the key to personalizing a space. The painted paper, very fashionable, it allows to delimit areas and energize the whole.

Advertising - Keep reading below Versatile distribution

Small furniture is the best option to maximize space; They allow to save inescapable structural elements and reorganize the area as we please. Here the room was equipped with two Lack tables, in 55 x 55 cm, instead of a center one, since they offer greater mobility. In the seating area, a sofa and two small armchairs were chosen to modify its distribution. Everything from Ikea.

The lighting

Fundamental in decoration is to have the right light for every moment of the day. Achieving it is easy and less expensive than you might suppose. In common spaces there must be three types of lighting: general, for example, with recessed spotlights on the ceiling; environmental, easy to achieve with a floor lamp, and punctual, which is achieved with a flexo or table lamp.

Living room and kitchen.

The few meters prompted to do without separating partitions as much as possible. Thus, the living area, the small dining room and the kitchen occupy the same space. In addition, the decoration shares colors and style as a unifying resource.

Share environments

The diaphanous spaces are a sure hit in small places. It is preferable to forget very compartmentalized structures and bet on loft plants in which several environments coexist in the same room. This resource provides a feeling of spaciousness and facilitates the entry of natural light to the last corner. Kitchen cabinets model Glass, D'Auro. Silestone White Zeus countertop.

The pavement

Choosing the same floor for the whole house is an excellent resource that provides visual continuity; especially if several environments coexist. Oak parquet model Marty Ambiance, in De Tarima.

Make the meters profitable

Order and storage solutions are a priority. If a reform is going to be carried out, it is advisable to include fitted wardrobes in the passage areas and the rooms, if this is not the case exempt modules will work. It is important to have enough space to store both personal clothing and accessories such as household linen and household items.

Fluid circulation

Corridors and areas with narrowings can be solved with low-depth furniture. The most important thing is to take advantage of them without obstructing the circulation. Here a small dining room was created and completed with a large capacity furniture, the result is a functional and practical environment. Steel shelving with wheels, from Casa Viva. Baskets, boxes, extendable table and chairs; everything, for sale in Ikea.

Extendable dining room

Although space is scarce, it is advisable to have a large dining table. In addition, it is a long-term investment, since in the future it can be adapted to another home. It is interesting to choose an extensible model that allows to accommodate several guests without over-occupying.

Recycle parts

Recovering damaged furniture is much simpler than it seems. It is always a good plan to rescue a design, give it a new decorative air and lighten the budget. For example, when painting a dresser and covering the drawers with papers, the change is spectacular.

Color notes in the bedroom

Bedding and, in general, most textiles are excellent allies to define the style in the bedroom. It is best to select basic, more timeless furniture, and then entrust the prominence of decoration to accessories. Ikea's bed. White bedspread, orange plaid and velvet cushion; Everything from Filocolore.

Dress the wall

A single decorated front becomes a focal point in the bedroom. Both wallpaper and ceramic coverings are valid and give very unique results. Painting is another great and even more affordable option; It is possible to choose an intense shade for a single cloth and alternate it with a soft color. Ceramic plates in 44 x 66 cm, from the Venis brand, by Porcelanosa.

Details for the bathroom

Renewing the faucets and lighting will give the bathroom a renewed look. The rest of the supplements will reinforce this effect; for example, some towels in intense tones, a new shower curtain or a platform that covers the plate. In this case, all the toilets, faucets and tiles are from Porcelanosa. Spotlights, by Biosca & Botey (€ 79).

The organization of space in 45 m²

The interior designer Montse Dosta, in charge of the reform, opted for the common spaces and the unification of the environments when it comes to taking full advantage of this small Barcelona apartment.

A.- Living room and kitchen. The few meters prompted to do without separating partitions as much as possible. Thus, the living area, the small dining room and the kitchen occupy the same space. In addition, the decoration shares colors and style as a unifying resource.
B.- Dining room. The covered terrace that separated the house from the garden was too narrow, but it was perfect to locate a large dining room in which there are several diners and a sideboard that allows to expand the storage space.
C.- Private areas. Both the bedrooms and the bathroom and the toilet are quite small, so sliding doors were chosen, which do not hinder the passage. The decoration of these spaces focused on the coverings and textiles.


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