Mette Rønnau, from IDdesign Spain

Mette Rønnau, from IDdesign Spain

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What styles can we find in your store? There are three main ones, for all tastes, from the most romantic to the most minimalist and modern, and complement each other; they would be Nordic simplicity, today's classics and a touch of modern sophistication.

In your opinion, a good design is recognized by ... Its balance in form, dimensions and volume. Also in the success in the combination of materials and choice of colors.

What do you love most about your job? Discover new trends and implement them in our showroom to make everything fit.

How do you get disconnected? With a book and a cup of tea.

Do you have any hobby? Yes, I love going to European flea markets and baking bread.

Your happy moment of the day is ... In the afternoon, when I am with my children in the garden.

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Director of IDdesign Spain, a Danish decoration firm with a store in Balmes, Barcelona.
It is responsible for acting as a bridge between Denmark and the Spanish market; Select new products and introduce the latest collections in the flagship store of Barcelona.


What is your philosophy?
It can be summarized in the title of our new catalog Your home. Our passion. We believe that to get inspired you really need to be passionate about what you do. Therefore, all we do is to inspire our customers.


What defines your furniture and accessories?All are carefully selected to offer good quality, great design and a reasonable price.

Organic food

And on a personal level, what do you need to make the day go well? For starters, a hug from my loved ones and a homemade cappuccino. And also, children's laughter, sun, fresh air, champagne and organic food.


When you don't work, you are ... In my house with my children and my husband building castles with Lego, and at night, enjoying the silence and the stars on my terrace, with a glass of Spanish wine.


The trip of your dreams is ... I would love to go to India and make a withdrawal from Ayurveda, its traditional medicine, in addition to drinking tea and meditating.