A family house distributed in height

A family house distributed in height

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It is a pleasure to contemplate your successful combinations of styles, with furniture of diverse origin, ranging from the oriental trend to pop icons; perceive the originality of the finishes and decorative objects that give life to the rooms, and get lost in the horizon of the Sierra de Guadarrama when looking out the window. This house satisfies inside and outside. The care and warmth that transmits its decoration moves to the environments created on the terrace and around the pool.

Chus Gil Pereda, from Estudio 41, started from a magnificent architecture and adapted the interiors to the needs and tastes of their owners: a family of five with several pets. Some coatings and carpentry were updated, both inside and outside. To these details is added the substantial change of decoration: new pieces of furniture, other reupholstered, coordinated textiles, current accessories ... mix of styles -Colonial, oriental, pop and design touches- catches and adds touches of character to each environment. Wood in various finishes, natural fibers, leather and the nuances that the fabrics provide fill the rooms, which have a color palette with neutral base: white, beige, gray and earth. On it, turquoise, aquamarine, green and bursts of intense red in a chromatic cocktail that spreads optimism and modernity.

With a surface organized on three floors, the spaces are wide and with areas reserved for different uses. Due to its dimensions, this house has two rooms, decorated in very different styles. One of them communicates with a covered terrace, from which the pool is accessed through a staircase. It also has several bedrooms, one of them type suite, with bathroom and dressing room, and juveniles. In short, this house wastes charm thanks to the beauty of the construction and an interior design that adds details.

Mix with pleasure. It is the maxim that defines this work, with a current base but that moves comfortably between several decorative trends: ethnic, colonial, pop ... With simplicity and a refined point at the same time, the interior design of this house catches, conquers and desires.
The base is perfect and space, a luxury. This is the success of most of the reforms. The quality of the materials of walls and floors and the nuances that contribute paintings and papers are appreciated. Nothing tarnishes the presence of furniture and accessories. Each element fulfills its function in balance.

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Sheltered from the sun and with views. The location of the main terrace, elevated above ground level, gives it a privileged position. An L-sofa and a coffee table decorate this comfortable outdoor lounge.

Sofa, designed by Estudio 41, as the coffee table, upholstered with fabric for outdoor use, by Osborne & Little. Floor lamp and utensils, by Sandra Marques. Cushions, by Gancedo.

Imposing presence

The architecture of this three-storey house adapts to the orography of the land. The main entrance is in the highest part
of construction and rooms follow one another down. After the renovation, the terrace was roofed to be enjoyed even on hot days.

Loungers, from Estudio 41. Floor and curling cushions, from Gancedo. Towel, jug and glasses, by Sandra Marques.

Outside life

The large terrace overlooking the landscape and the private pool of the house is an extension of the common interior areas. Witness family evening without hurry, combines a wooden table, designed by Studio 41, with outdoor chairs.

Household, by Sandra Marques. Chairs, from Estudio 41. The tablecloth was made with a Gancedo signature fabric.

Do we eat out?

In the summer months or when the weather permits, take advantage of the terrace or balcony. It uses outdoor furniture and resistant materials (also suitable textiles, which better withstand the sun and humidity). Take care of the details and you will feel at home.

Kind, cool, great

This is the living room with direct access to the terrace. Organized in two environments -being with facing sofas and dining room-, its style is light with wooden furniture and neutral tones.

Sofas, design of Studio 41. The coffee table was purchased in an antique shop and the twin cabinets, on a trip to China.

The dinner room

Striking objects, such as the mirror that decorates the wall and the lamp that hangs from the ceiling, light woods and the contrast of chair finishes create a friendly atmosphere with fair pieces.

Table, Study 41. Chairs: metallic model Toledo, by Jorge Pensi and edited by Amat, and upholstered, from Estudio 41, just like the carpet. Ceiling and mirror lamp, from Interia.

Success lies in the mix

The pieces of diverse origins are in this project a plus that enriches the final result. The handling of textures, materials and tones is impeccable.

Cushions, by Gancedo. Carpet in silk and wool, from Estudio 41.

The undisputed weight of tissues

Without them, an environment feels naked. Textures, colors, prints ... Dare to mix motifs in the same range of tones.

Cushions, from Gancedo.

White and gray

Functionality prevails in the kitchen with white finished furniture and steel handles, coordinated with the lower base and appliances.

Accessories, by Sandra Marques.

The retro coexists with the most current in the kitchen

We have become accustomed to mixing. In addition, the contrast is a plus. In this kitchen, the style minimal It is lowered with retro details.

Boxes, by Sandra Marques.

Living room

It is located at one end of the floor through which the house is accessed and has a large seating area, a meeting and work corner with a round table and several chairs, and shelves in which to organize the books.

Red sofa and swivel armchairs, from Estudio 41. Cushions, from Gancedo. Shelves, of MLH, distributed by Estudio 41.

Meeting space

In front of the window, so that the moments of study or work are more pleasant to receive direct natural light from the outside. The Chinese closet stands out for its line and tone, in a room where white and red are protagonists.

Chinese Wardrobe, Study 41. Table Thai, distributed by the study. Chairs Tulip, by Eero Saarinen, edited by Knoll. On the closet, Ilexpa lamp.

Add-ons Mix

Customize, add style, define aesthetics ... Deco accessories in this house abound and make the rooms more vivid. In being mixed pop style, like the sheet, with other ethnic and retro.

The hall

In the hall, an oriental-style piece of furniture, acquired in an antique shop, welcomes the house. On this same floor is the living area.

Main bedroom

Upon entering this room our visual strength catches us. The contrast between light and dark marks the decoration and adds sophistication. The wall on which the headboard rests, upholstered with Casamance fabric, was papered in a similar tone: the set is a whole.

Wallpaper, by Osborne & Little. Bedding and bedspread, for sale in Sandra Marques. Cushions, by Gancedo. Tulle curtains, for sale in Gancedo. Bedside tables, manufactured by MLH for Estudio 41.

A suite

The master bedroom has three environments: rest area, dressing room and integrated bathroom. Here the whites and neutrals remain as a base with brush strokes in color and the effective contrast of the anthracite gray tone of the headboard wall and the elegant and warm jatoba wood of the floor.

The dresser

The transparent glass fronts lighten the atmosphere and reveal the contents of the cabinets. In the background, a wallpaper wall that gains in depth thanks to the full-length mirror located in the center.

The bathroom with shower

In the bathroom, the marble covers floors and walls, also in the shower area, delimited by a half-height wall and paved glass to the ceiling.

In the bathroom: towels, by Sandra Marques.

Another well coordinated bedroom

When decorating a room, choose a maximum of three colors and combine them on a neutral basis. It is the maxim also in this bedroom, decorated in roses.

Silk headboard, upholstered by Casamance for Estudio 41. Armchair and table lamps, inheritance. Bedding and cushions, by Sandra Marques.

Starry room

A children's refuge for one of the youngest in the house. The furniture chosen, for its elm wood finish and its current and simple line, will adapt to the future needs and tastes of its owner. The wall paper, a design with a dark background and dotted with stars, personalizes the room.
Paper, by Osborne & Little. The canopy bed and the bedside table are from Studio 41.

A bath that conquers

Forget about cold baths. The predominant white is heated here with very natural wood and an extra accessory.

Mirrors, furniture and sanitary, of Studio 41. Lamp, of Sandra Marques.

Top floor

It is accessed through this level where there is a room to work, relax, study ...

Middle floor

From the main hall you access the terrace. The kitchen is also located here.

Low level

It is the lowest level, which matches the pool. In it there are two bedrooms: the youth and the main one with the dressing room and the bathroom.


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