Would you like to have a blanket with your pet's face?

Would you like to have a blanket with your pet's face?

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Printy Pets

Those of us who live with a pet know in good ink that the love they give us is unconditional and infinite… Because there is nothing like getting home after a stressful day, and receiving a barrage of licks capable of brightening the existence even to Nietzsche himself.

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And as our devotion to them is bigger than that of an Atlético fan, we love to fill the memory of smartphone with photos and videos of every moment we spend together, because for us they are worth gold, and we do not hesitate to show them with the pride of a mother to everyone who approaches.

But… And if we told you that you can print your pet's face on a soft blanket? Well yes, dear, we have reached the level top of animal love!

Is about Printy Pets, a company dedicated body and soul to immortalize our friends in blankets, cushions, notebooks, cups, cell phone cases... And everything you can dream about. But as we are at the gates of winter, a blanket is the most appropriate! Further, you can choose between several sizes.

Printy Pets

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See which Cavalier more majete posing next to his portrait as if it were Felipe V.

Printy Pets

A gift for the most fighting kitten in the world. It's nice to have owners like that ... 😍