Pretty DIY pincushion

Pretty DIY pincushion

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Make your own pincushion Advertising - Keep reading below Crochet Pincushion

It is necessary to know how to make chains and crocheted low points. But we have a trick if you do not master the technique: grab coasters or crochet or crochet pieces, color them and use them to create your pincushion. Photo: Getty Images

Patchwork Pincushion

Join first scraps of cloth, pieces as a patchwork They join upside down to form a circle. When you have followed the steps described above and have the pincushion done, sew with a thick needle a ribbon or several strands of cross stitch thread as you see in the image in the fabric joints. From the center, above, to the sides to form the "segments" and passing the thread through the center of the base. Photo: Getty Images

Recycled pincushion

Recover a cut of an old cushion, a sweater, a t-shirt with applications ... and give it a new life turned into a vintage pincushion. Photo: Getty Images

The simplest

But not for that less showy. A scrap of a beautiful fabric and will be perfect. In square. Without complications. Cut, sew and fill. If you want to put some detail you can sew a lace in the cut. As it is a small piece choose a fabric with mini motifs.

With textile marker

Take a plain cotton canvas, shape your pincushion and decorate it with drawings or texts, made with a special textile marker. Photo by Laura Ashley.


In the case of felt it is not necessary to work the pieces upside down to sew them and then turn them over. Use a stitch seen with colored threads. Photo: Getty Images

Tomato Pincushion

The felt allows to create very funny and colorful shapes. It is easy to work. With what we have explained so far you can do it. Shape, cut, fill, sew the segments and decorate. You can glue the strings with textile glue. Green leaves will hide the final auctions. Photo: Getty Images


This type of pincushion is perfect to take on a trip. It is a kind of bag that folds over itself and inside the pins are turned on. But you can also light some needles threaded with threads and some safety pins. Cut two rectangular fabric strips (16-18 cm long x 5-6 cm wide). Leave a cm on each side. Place them upside down, sew the entire perimeter except for a 3-4 cm hole, turn around, introduce a thin layer of filler (or very thin foam) and finish. Sew some ribbons on the shorter sides so you can close the pincushion. Photo: Getty Images

In wool

With a knitted piece knitted in wool. Create a strip on the right side, fold it in half and cook it any way you want. You can also take advantage of a knitted sweater that you no longer use. If it is very thick it will cost you to shape a small piece, it is preferable that the point be small. Photo: Getty Images