Hotel Casa do Juncal

Hotel Casa do Juncal

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Guimarães, birthplace of Alfonso Henríquez, first king of Portugal, hosts the Hotel Casa do Juncal, a charming accommodation, owned by Daniela Abreu and Mário Gomez. This young couple put all their effort into transforming a forgotten building, dating from the 18th century and is located in the heart of the city, in a contemporary and modern establishment, in which the guest feels as comfortable as in his own house .

It took more than six years and an investment of over one million euros to renovate this stately building of the eighteenth century. On the facade, it was decided to keep the original coat of arms of the time. The architecture studio Outras Formas took care of the rehabilitation of the main building and added an annexed space of modern lines that houses the bar and the breakfast area, all overlooking the interior garden. The interior designer, José Manuel Martins, and the owner, Daniela Abreu, were the ones in charge of the decoration. They chose a sober and simple line in which white and gray tones prevail.
Cedar is the main material of designer furniture. As a counterpoint, in the bathrooms opted for intense tones. The Casa do Juncal has six rooms of spectacular design; three of them, with the bed in a mezzanine.

- Casa do Juncal offers guided tours to discover the charms of Guimarães, a city with a great heritage and which is considered the birthplace of Portugal, because Alfonso Henríquez, the country's first king, was born there.
- This establishment is situated only 50 meters from the most emblematic places of the city, such as the squares of Toural, Oliveira and Santiago. Therefore, it is an excellent starting point to discover the Padrón de Salado, the Church and the Collegiate Church of Nuestra Señora de Oliveira, the Alberto Sampaio Museum and the palace of the Dukes of Bragança.
- Highly recommended It is a cable car ride to Mount Penha with beautiful views of northern Portugal.

Address: Rua Dr. Avelino Germano, 65. Guimarães. Portugal.
Phone: +351 252 042 168. [email protected]/
Rooms: This establishment has six exclusive rooms with consonant names. All rooms have designer furniture, king size bed, extra-flat TV, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. In three of them the rest area is located in an attic. The price, per night and room, is from € 85 with breakfast included, and depending on the season.

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The architecture studio Outras Formas was in charge of rehabilitating the building. In addition, he created this contemporary space annex that houses a small bar and breakfast area,
with great views and access to the interior garden.

Combination of gray tones with wood

The designer furniture gives an exclusive touch to all the hotel rooms. For the decoration of the rooms, the interior designer Manuel Martins and the owner, Daniela Abreu, combined gray tones with wood.

Japanese stairs

Japanese stairs, ideal for small spaces, give access to the rest area of ​​this suite in two heights.

White painted beams

To give more light and a feeling of spaciousness, the beams were painted white and the railings are made of transparent glass.

Hollow under the countertop

For the bathrooms, strong colors were chosen in contrast to the neutral tones of the rooms. The hole under the counter was used to place the towels, which are 100% Egyptian cotton of 600 grams.

Rustic looking wall

The double door available to the suite S It allows greater entry of natural light from the garden. The rustic-looking wall combines perfectly with the minimalist style of the rest of the room.

Typical 18th century mansion

Casa do Juncal invites you to see and live nine hundred years of Portuguese history. This building, which was once a typical 18th-century mansion, was transformed into a contemporary accommodation thanks to the efforts and good work of its owners, Daniela Abreu and Mário Gomes. On the facade of this stately home the original coat of arms was kept and a wall that had belonged to a 13th-century defense tower was preserved, but its interior is now in an urban refuge with six rooms of modern architecture and decoration. Each of
They are different, but they all have an original element that makes them unique. The decoration is sober and simple lines and white, gray and wood tones prevail. In the bathrooms, we opted for more intense colors.

Armchair with footrest

With its 32 square meters, the suite K It is the largest in the establishment. In his living room, a desk with simple lines stands out in accordance with the rest of the design furniture of the room. A gray carpet defines the living area where there is an armchair with footrest and a comfortable sofa.

King size bed

The attic bedroom of the suite K It has a large storage area. The king size bed has 100% cotton 300 thread count sheets and the comforters and pillows are filled with white goose feathers, from Hungary.


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