Ideas to decorate your kitchen with a charming rustic style

Ideas to decorate your kitchen with a charming rustic style

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The kitchen It is the place where you experience, believe and enjoy. Add to you culinary potential an environment that reflects your lifestyleand ... happiness will be served!

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A country kitchen seduces us by sight, literally, since the utensils are exposed in shelves. In front of the original ones, of dark wood, the current versions are characterized by their luminosity, with furniture in light tones that capture the light and multiply it.

The style tips? Mold fronts, wood finish countertop, ceramic sink, baskets with fruit or vegetables, and metal details. In this kitchen, with custom-made furniture by a carpenter, the window curtains add charm.

From top to bottom: enameled can (€ 48), fiber basket (€ 27) and fruit basket with two heights (€ 51). Everything, by Laura Ashley.

Piece of furniture

White and blue, its mesh front takes us to the country houses. Furniture, from Banak Importa, with 7 drawers and closet; It measures 85 x 40 x 110 cm (€ 299).

Electric furnaces

Country air, has three electric ovens and gas hob. Classic kitchen Victory, from the firm Smeg. It measures 110 X 60 x 135 cm. Consult PVP.

Set of six glasses

It seems freshly bought at the farmers market! Set of six glasses with wooden support (€ 24.99). From Maisons du Monde.


In bronze finish, its blade controls have a porcelain detail. Faucet Rhodas, for sale at Leroy Merlin (€ 39.55).


Metal, like those used in the past, but with the wooden handle. Teapot E-mail, by Maisons du Monde (€ 29.99).

Retro scale

Light blue, analog and with saucer, the Bake My Day retro scale, from Mason Cash, weighs up to 5 kilos (€ 19.83). In

Jute Bags

Perfect for storing vegetables. Jute bags, in 47 x 65 cm (€ 10.95 / 2), on

Ceramic cups

It evokes an old enameled metal cup, but it is ceramic and microwave and dishwasher safe (€ 4.90 / 4 pcs.). In Lola Home.

Iron plate

Iron enameled in blue, withstands high temperatures. Dish, by Rivièra Maison (€ 27.95).


With metal shade, the lamp Ted, by Leroy Merlin, measures 38 cm in diameter. (€ 39.95).