Alert: these bath mats are so fun that you may slip and fall out of laughter

Alert: these bath mats are so fun that you may slip and fall out of laughter

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Urban outfitters

Sometimes you just need a floor to get attention, either to welcome your home with a fun doormat, or to make peace with yourself every morning. So, if you are looking for something original for the bathroom, these fun shower mats you will love.

Your morning showers are going to be more fun from now on.

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You do not need your bath mat to remind you to undress, but it is well worth a smile.

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"Nice Butt" mouse pad Society6

That's how you start every morning with a reminder of the beautiful ones you are.

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Googly Eyes mouse pad Urban outfitters

When someone spies on you, it's scary. But when is your bath mat who does, is it ... strangely charming?

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"Wash Your Hands" mouse pad Society6

Sometimes we all need a reminder.

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"Peachy Clean" mouse pad Urban outfitters

An adorable peach-shaped mat that reminds you how you will get out of the shower.

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"Dirty / Clean" mouse pad Urban outfitters

In case you forget what the theme of the shower is.

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"Clean AF" mouse pad Etsy

This is how we should all feel after a shower ...

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"Au Naturale" mouse pad Urban outfitters

For those who need your bath mat to remind them that they should undress, but subtly (and with a French touch).

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"Squeeze The Day" mouse pad Urban outfitters

If life gives you lemons…

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"You Look Great" mouse pad World market

A little self-esteem and a smile never hurt.

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"So Fresh And So Clean Clean" mouse pad Society6

So you can leave each shower feeling as good as Outkast.

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Via: House Beautiful US