The first floor of a young couple

The first floor of a young couple

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The days huddled on the couch enjoying a movie, dinner with friends, working mornings with the first coffee, the moments playing with your kitten ... All these moments went through the minds of the owners of this Barcelona floor when interior designer Barbara Aurell of the Espacio en Blanco studio asked them what they wanted her home to be like. The young couple who had opted for this house To begin their life project together they thought more about the life they would do in it in the future than in the style they wanted and the result speaks for itself.

The interior designer has created comfortable spaces that favor conversations between them and their guests. Nice textures, natural materials, pieces of friendly lines, a fluid distribution with few obstacles to move freely through it and furniture as they take full advantage of every corner and increase the storage area, maintaining order in the house. "It is a home made with love and with a lot of design for daring and modern clients, "says Barbara. The perfect place for her new life.


Advertising - Keep reading below Happy couple

A young couple decided to start their life together in this apartment in Barcelona. Interior designer Barbara Aurell helped them create the perfect home for them.

A table set

View of the dining room, with a blue table combined with black Nordic-style chairs and plenty of space for dinner with friends at home.

Comfort zone

In the living area of ​​the living room, the facing sofas are perfect for encouraging conversation.

Reading corner

The fiber chair brings warmth to the whole.


In every corner of the house we discover details that allow us to guess the personality of its owners.

Nordic style

The furniture is simple lines and friendly colors.


In the hallway, Barbara has designed a closet front as they make the most of the space. A yellow hole provides dynamism to the set and serves as a perfect support for leaving the keys.


With office area, for informal meals or to be with guests while we cook.


With custom headboard and a very serene style that takes full advantage of the light and invites to rest.


Blank and with wooden cupboard. Simple and cozy.