20 most useful vintage home hacks!

20 most useful vintage home hacks!

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The new is not always better, and these homemade tricks prove it! Get ready to enjoy a simpler life in the voice of ... now!

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Advertising - Keep reading below Cut the sponges in two

It may seem simple, but cutting the sponges in two will double their lifespan. In addition, they will dry faster and be more effective in cleaning tight spaces.

Bicarbonate clean

Baking soda is a mild abrasive and a natural deodorant, so it is ideal as a bleach, to clean a smelly fridge, to degrease dishes and much more.

Clean the fan with a pillowcase

Spread the cover over the blade and remove the inner dust while pulling it back. This will prevent dirt particles from falling on you!

Use the meat as a condiment

Although using meat as a main food is very helpful, when you use it as a condiment (for example, in pasta soup), you save a lot of money.

Remove sticky stains with oil

Temporary tattoos, shoe stains ... Pour a few drops of oil on a cloth, rub the stain, and see how it comes out!

Use soap in the burns

Don't panic, your pan is still alive! Simply fill it with hot water and a few drops of dishwasher, put it on low heat, and then use a spatula to remove the burned pieces.

Sleep on your back

This position divides the weight of your body in a balanced way, which is summarized in less pressure on your spine. In addition, it will also prevent unwanted sleep lines (wrinkles!) From appearing on the face.

Remove weeds with boiling water

All you need is hot tap water, and weeds will disappear! Expert tip: add a tablespoon of salt to make it more effective.

Wash the walls from top to bottom

In this way, the water that runs on the surface that is still dirty will leave some "clean streaks" that will help you when you get to those areas.

Shake the hard boiled eggs

The key to making sure that the egg yolk is cooked, is stirring it. When you feel it harder than a rock, you will be ready!

Bring silver shine with toothpaste

If you wait for guests but you don't have a specific silver cleaner on hand, rub some toothpaste with a cloth, rinse, dry, and voila!

Remove stains from clothes with lemon

Mix the lemon juice with a little salt, apply it on the stain and let it stand for half an hour. Then, rinse the clothes with vinegar and warm water, and wash it as usual. This cleaner is safe even on delicate fabrics!

Plan meals

The reason why our grandmothers are real ones Chef, it's because they have spent a lot of time cooking at home. But why? Because it is a great way to save money in the long term!

Clean the jewels with mineral water

If you mix the water with a little dishwasher and leave your gold jewelry to soak for five minutes, you will remove all the dirt!

Use peanut butter to remove the gum

Next time you see your child come home with a gum in his hair, use peanut butter to take it off. The oil hardens the gum, and in this way, you won't have to use scissors!

Exfoliate yourself

To maintain healthy and juicy skin you do not need expensive creams. Mix coconut oil with sugar and you will have an ideal DIY scrub to kill dead cells.

Use ketchup to polish copper

For a little ketchup in a cloth, add salt and rub the copper. It is the perfect remedy when you are in a hurry and do not have any cleaning products!

Moisturize your skin

When your skin is hydrated, it is more flexible and less prone to eczema, wrinkles, itching and infections.

Buy in markets

Although shopping in supermarkets is fine, if you do it in local markets you will save a lot of money. And if you go to the farm directly, you will be sure that you get a very fresh product.

Clean on rainy days

Although the first temptation is to snuggle on the couch, if you take advantage of rainy days to clean, you can enjoy the outdoors when the sun comes back!

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